Hey guys, I’ve never been much of a newsgroup guy but I wanted to check something out. What’s the usual address for the game groups at Usenet?

There are so many, and most of them chock-a-block with crap. The quality of discussion isn’t what it used to be. But here are a few to get you started:
[ul][][][][][][][][] (also known as war-hysterical)[*][/ul]Someone should be by to add the console groups presently. :)

Oh, and if you’re looking for an actual address to point your news reader at, that’s usually between you and your ISP. However, you can also read this stuff on Google Groups.

You’ll also find game specific groups within the and hierarchies. Again the quality is variable.

Sadly, the quality of the PC game usenet groups varies between annoying and really, really annoying. I gave up on reading them years ago, and only pop in now once or twice a year when I’m stuck in a game and can’t find help on a web board. is a pretty decent group, though. I still read that, from time to time.

Haven’t been on the groups in years. Is Old Salt still the old bastard of war-historical?

— Alan

Sadly, the quality of the PC game usenet groups varies between annoying and really, really annoying.

Can I cast a vote for completely useless?

double post, sorry.

Is indeed. Its been half a year since I posted to USENET, and a quick check of war-historical shows the exact same people doing the exact same circle jerk. Old Salt likes to complain that because he wasn’t given moderation rights a while back, the newsgroup has turned into .strategic.

Whats funny is that I think .strategic is better that .warhistorical at this point. They all pale in irrelevance next to .flight-sim though.

Huh? Flight-sim is really bad.

Huh? Flight-sim is really bad.[/quote]

I think that was his point, Tim. Also, let me just take a moment to say how much I DON’T miss old salt. Damn, I’m glad that he didn’t make the jump from usenet to here.

Istvan on .strategic was (is?) an order of magnitude beyond OS on the crank scale. When I was first investigating Laser Squad Nemesis, Istvan had the poor Dr. Who types on the LSN boards completely baffled with his bizarre rants and accusations — I don’t think they were used to his kind of poster.

And let’s not forget Eep^2 on Strategic, either. He is far more annoying than Istvan. Istvan was pretty much a one-trick pony – he hated every single game (even ones that hadn’t been released yet), except for maybe one or two, which he worshipped.

Eep, on the other hand, is quite the piece of (bad) work. Find some old USENET etiquette page listing various USENET no - no’s, and Eep pretty much hits them all right down the line. He is by far the most annoying person (to me) I’ve encountered on USElessNET, and that’s even after my dealing with me :twisted:

USElessNET pretty much gets a sniff from me these days. Every time that flight-sim looks like it might get back on track, some idiot like Papa Doc has to whip out his dick so he can show everybody the “I (heart) RUSH LIMBAUGH/GEORGE BUSH/POPULAR RIGHT-WING RADIO WACKO OF THE WEEK” tattoo on it.


Ah, good old István Albert. One of the greatest troll to ever wander Usenet…

He didn’t wander. He just stayed in his basement.

Oh man, Eep – I’d forgotten all about him and his posts that never wrapped.

Istvan was funny too – you’re right, he hated every game, except for a couple. Did he get a hate on for Laser Squad Nemesis too?

The Old Salt flamewars were still some of the best. I especially liked his nitpicking threads in Historical. I’d drop in now and then and invariably there’d be a new thread about Old Salt trying to moderate an unmoderated group. Heh.

Oh, and as far as RPGs go, the RPG group was fun for the inevitable threads declaring that said game “wasn’t really an RPG and here’s why”, which would result in dozens of posts arguing about what defined an RPG.

At first he loved it and urged everyone on .strategic to play it, describing how he would toy with his opponents by (for example) selecting all Machina Hunters and zipping around shooting them in the back.

But his love affair ended in the middle of a game, when a retreating opponent was clearly going to beat him by having a higher score when the turn limit was reached. Istvan started a thread on the forums screaming about “cheese tactics” and posted the game up to that point to illustrate. People responded by pointing out tactics he might have tried and mistakes he’d made, and (of course) with every response Istvan just turned up the volume of his posts. He started hijacking other threads, saying (for instance) that future LSN features being discussed would be irrelevant as long as certain players used cheese tactics to win.

Then his opponent posted the obnoxious messages that Istvan had transmitted along with his turns when he still thought he was going to win. I remember one of them was “Run Forrest run!” The game, naturally, was never finshed, because Istvan stopped sending turns.

That must have been two years ago, and I still remember it for the guy’s sheer mania.

We might also remember “LShaping,” who would look up the USENET histories of everyone who posted and demand to know who they REALLY were.

Who also would then scan the internet for software that sent any information anywhere and call it spy-ware. He tried writing a program once. Silly me, I tried to help him, and pointed out that he was making things a lot harder on himself than he had to, and that he really need to brush up on the basics, because he didn’t know his way around Visual Studio. He flatly insisted that I was lying and trying to make him look bad.

Then he went and took a picture of my parents off my website and put them on his website.

Eep^2 – he did more than flaunt netiquette, oh no, he made up his own! “I shall post messages with a billion character line length!”

And yeh, Papadoc and the right wingers on .flight-sim.

Holy shit, that was you? Oh, duh, right. I keep forgetting that you used to be Alex Pavloff. Damn it, why’d you have to go and change your nick? Tired of saliva jokes?

Wow, I’d forgotten about OldSalt. His whole moderation thing and rants against strat were amusing somewhat. I should check out histerical and see whats up. I kinda miss Istie though.