User account permissions restore (tech support)

Quick tech support question for those in the know. I assume this is an easy problem to fix, and i just don’t know it off the top.

Basically a user somehow deleted his user account. System restored to 10 days ago. Deleted user account returns, but not associated with any information (email blank, desktop background blank). Found user data in another directory. Instead of

\users\Bob. User\ect

there is

\users\Bob(50). User\ect

All the email and other files seems to be intact. Any easy way of re-associating the information with his account?

Copy it into his user directory?

That’s so simple it just might work. I don’t trust moving around directories usually that way in fear of breaking programs; but, they’re already broken. Hmm. Worth a shot!

You may need to reassign ownership of the files to him, depending on how they were backed up, whether the account existed at the time they were restored, how the account was recreated, etc. It should be under the ‘Advanced’ section of the Security tab.