Using a gamepad to be a glorified maid

I’d like to sit on my couch using my gamepad to game, but most of the games I play have chests to open, stuff to pluck off shelves, and various other sundries scattered all over the game world. It’s easy for me to grab stuff with M/KB, but with a gamepad? It’s murder after a while. It gets to be very difficult after a while to keep zeroing in items to pick up.

Anyone else feel this way, and anyone have some solutions?

Besides the obvious “play a different game” reply, I’d suggest getting some Bluetooth big trackpad. This is how i used to game for a while… Before getting a Switch and playing different games ; )

You could try a Steam controller if you can find one. I love mine.

It’s more for PS4 games. Outer Worlds was really tough for me.

Do bluetooth trackballs work with the PS4? Might be enough to give you a little more accuracy in a low footprint.

Sorry dude, I am not sure I grasp the underlying complaint. Why would it be harder to pick up the various and sundries of a game world with a controller than M+KB? Maybe as someone who mostly uses a controller I’m just fundamentally unable to wrap my brain around this.

With a M/KB and it’s fine control, it is easy to zero in on an item shoved back behind a desk. But with a gamepad, it’s wiggling the thumbstick back and forth a lot to get dialed in to grab said item. Do that a thousand times and my wrists want to explode along with my brain. Maybe I don’t have sensitivity right?

I have the same problem with some games.

Yeah, that’s a distinct possibility. Many games allow for tuning the sensitivity and they aren’t all set the same way. I do think I had to crank up the sensitivity for Outer Worlds, now that I think about it. It felt very clunky on the defaut.

I really think its a matter of getting used to it. I will even hesitate purchasing PC games I am so used to playing with a controller now - i hate going back to M&K .

I’ve been gamepad playing for many years but it’s just trying to grab lots of inventoriable items in games is awful to me.

I see 2 options: you can use a mouse + keyboard on a lap pad for ps4 using something like CronusMAX. Alternatively, you can stream from your PC to your TV, and use a steam controller.