Using Flight Simulator 2004 SDK and X-Plane

Hey folks…

Anyone used the Flight Simulator 2004 SDK? I’m trying to figure out if I can make a panel or window appear with a camera I can control from some C code. Their SDK documentation tells me how to make a panels for instruments, but I’m not seeing anything about camera control.

Well, reading FS2004 docs told me that there doesn’t appear to be any of that.

X-Plane does, so I bought that.

Now I worry that I won’t be able to fly the planes.

Hey let us know how X-Plane is. I was looking at picking that up a while back.

Will do. It was like $40 for version 8 on DVD, so I can’t complain too much, especially since I recall it used to be like a few hundred or something.

X-Plane is a fun toy. (Word I’d never speak within 50 feet of Austin Meyers.)

Neat physics model, easy to build your own planes, and it doesn’t have the 100,000 foot limit, so you can do shuttle reentries and SpaceShip One flights.

But the world doesn’t have the “feel” that MSFS does, particularly after you add some third-party products.

If I want to see how a B-52 would handle on Mars if I extended the wings and added rockets, I’ll use X-Plane. If I want to practice flying around local airstrips, MSFS is the way to go.

And I want to do neither of them. :)

Well, after playing with X-Plane (and buying some better Bay Area scenery), I’ve got to say that it’s a hacker’s dream.

My purposes involve pulling aircraft info and running it to an external app, and well, it’s easy. There’s an SDK that you use to write some DLLs which hook into the system and allow you to get access to every variable in the system. Most of them can be written too – so you could do your own flight model if you wanted in an external app and just wire it up.

The program is rather hacker-ish… custom installer which just unzips the program to a directory (doesn’t even make start menu icons!), but it appear to do all the things that I want to do with it.

But it’s like a tinkerer’s dream flight sim.