Using Google to find Carmen Sandiego seems like cheating

			    Using Google to find Carmen Sandiego seems like cheating
			      Nick Diamon, March 19, 2019
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If you were a kid or parent during the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, you might have fond memories of Carmen Sandiego, a globetrotting ne’er-do-well that was foiled only via the geographical knowledge possessed by elementary school children. The Broderbund classic series of games began with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and spanned over a decade of cartoons, books, and other media. Her popularity has waned over the years, but there were sporadic sightings to keep her on 90’s kids’ minds. (She has a Netflix animated series, but her last game sighting was in 2015 when The Learning Company released Carmen Sandiego Returns.) Now, thanks to the magic of Google Earth, you can look for Carmen again! Just go to Google Earth, click the “Catch Carmen Sandiego” button and you’ll be transported on an edutainment adventure.


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Just an FYI: If you’re looking for good kids entertainment, the Netflix series is pretty good. It’s about her origins, and recasts her as a kind of Robin Hood, a globetrotting thief working to stymie the evil aims of V.I.L.E. She’s voiced by Gina Rodriguez (of Jane the Virgin fame) and my kids and I both enjoyed it quite a bit.


Why would an organization name itself something that has VILE as its acronym? That seems like poor planning!


My son loved it.

It does make me somewhat sad, as a huge fan of the original show, that it is a scripted narrative animated show. I really enjoyed the quiz show format, and the geographic knowledge, of the original. I also played the Apple ][e game extensively when I got it at 8.


I have to admit, hoping around the Earth playing this game is pretty neat. When it had me hop to Tokyo, for instance, there were two locations in the city, and then one was Mr Fuji, which I hadn’t realized was so close to Tokyo.