Using images on the net (copyright, etc.)

OK, I am writing for a website, and I want to use an image from a television show. I am finding it on various sites, including wiki. But it is technically the property of the show and the site I am writing for is a commercial site (they pay me anyway). Where is the legal ground here? How do I get permission to use a picture? Do I just need to cite the copyright and hope for fair use? I just have no idea how this works, so any help would be appreciated.

Link on fair use.

It sounds like fair use may come into play here. You are only using a portion of the work, you are commenting or critiquing the work, and it shouldn’t effect the companies bottom line, in terms of growth on new markets.

Thanks for the link. that’s what I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure. I’m not making money on the image, nor would the site be. It just relates to the article I am writing because I make reference to the show and the picture nicely captures the reference.

It’s unlikely that they’ll come after you with a lawsuit.

You should read this informative webcomic anyway, though. It describes a few real world scenarios that you might eventually encounter. It’s better than any dry text on the web.

Informative yet depressing comic.

Edit: Thanks for link. :-)