Using large monitors/tvs

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Lets say you want to have a 40+ inch lcd monitor for a computer for displaying high resolution cadd models. What specs would you look for in a monitor and a video card to drive it?

it seems like any thing over 27 inch either only supports vga or HDMI and those tend to be lacking in high end cards.

Some, like the Westinghouse, and at least one Mitsubishi have DVI inputs.
Otherwise, you can get adapters to convert your DVI output to VGA or HDMI.
HDMI is kinda pointless though, cause it can carry sound as well as video.

How high resolution are we talking on the cadd models?
Most of the bigger LCDs max out at 1920x1080. (1080p)

The Dell and HP 30" LCD runs at a max of 2560x1600, you’d need a video card with dual DVI outputs to run one.
Namely a 7800GTX,7900GTX,7950GX2, or 8800GTX or GTS.