Ut 2007

Supposed to be coming for the xbox 360 PS3 and oh yeah PC.

Quake 4? Pfft.

I really like the textures/filtering/whatever the hell they’re using on those metals. A lot of metals just don’t seem very “metal-like” in most games - and that’s probably the best looking little graphical thing I’m noticing at the moment. Just seems like a big step… and the lighting is very nice, as well.

I don’t think there’s any need to mince words: that looks amazing. And all that Unreal 3 engine stuff looks even better in motion. A lot of the reason the materials look so good, apparently, is that they’ve got a shader editor that’s really similar to what you’d find in Max or Maya, so the artists can really go to town. There are a lot of subtle things at work there, like a really nice Fresnel effect (which is a large part of what makes the metalic surfaces look more metalic). Cool stuff.

Do you ever wish you show screenshots like to the you of ten years ago and say “games will look like this soon”?

The best thing about those screenshots is that with Epic’s track record and engine experience, you know the shots haven’t been doctored or mocked up to show fantastic looking environments and models that will never make it to the final game, or look fabulous but have an unplayable framerate.

Sadly, I doubt many games will look like that soon since it is a rare title that looks good, plays fast, has a consistent art style and texture quality and degrades gracefully on slower performing machines like I’d expect UT2007 to do.

Theres some shaky-cam footage at Gamespot of this level being played. Go here and scroll to the second movie. Obviously it looks great but the movie shows that theres really nothing in the environment that destructible, explosions don’t look natural.

I really enjoyed 2k4 but I hope this is more than a graphical upgrade to that.

Bear in mind that this game is a long ways from being done.

is this new? it looks like the e3 demo to me.

The E3 (Nvidia) demo was of Malcom beating the shit out of a bot. This is a MP level in action.

The E3 (Nvidia) demo was of Malcom beating the shit out of a bot. This is a MP level in action.[/quote]

They showed this MP level off at E3 too. These screenshots look a little better than I remember them being on the live demo, but not by much, and maybe not at all.

Even UT doesn’t have all those things.

I actually would have appreciated more interactivity and destructability in the levels and less graphical bitchslapping. UT 2004 really looks great even today.


Pssst. Games will look like this soon.


Pretty and shiny, yes, but the ooversaturated look of the lighting in that Malcolm shot is a bit of a turnoff for me.

Incidentally - is Rainbow Six like a console exclusive now? All these sweet new shooter engines out nowadays and I can’t help but wonder how fucking rad R6 would be rocking out in Source or CryEngine, not to mention this U3 jazz. Don’t get me wrong, I like railguns and all, it’s just that sometimes I want to virtually kill people with guns I could actually own. [/leeharvey]

Looks nice, but not really next generation stuff. Very high resolution textures, high poly models, fullscreen bloom. Shadows still look like crap. Nothing that source couldn’t do.

Man it must take forever to build all those textures.

Then I take it you haven’t bought any games in the past year? Haha. Hadn’t you heard? Light bloom is the future. Even Pirates! made extensive use of it.

There is a bit too much bloom, but otherwise the graphics tech looks excellent to me. Definitely a promise of things to come. Let’s just hope the actual gameplay of nextgen games can keep up.