UT2004 Exploit: Flying Leviathans

Video. [size=2](4.6MB, .wmv)[/size]


If I had my copy yet, I would cry, but from a detached perspective it’s rather funny.

Holy crap; I had seen videos of people trying to “fly” mantas by tandeming them together but it took a long time and they’d be sitting ducks.

But that Leviathan flying bit could be accomplished by a 5 year old.


Here’s to hoping it’s a quick fix!

It looks funny, but will the Levi’s weapons fire like that? Also, it seems as if it’s just that much bigger a target for the AVRIL.

Does that mean everyone who does that will be perma-banned by cdkey as they claim they will do to all cheaters?

From the looks of it, it just looks like they’re stuck together with the Levi being in some kind of deploy state. I suspect that, if you had a pilot for it, you would simultaneously have (A) the world’s most well-armed bomber with (B) an incredibly tough shield on one side that © will crash and burn if someone hits the right spot with a little ordinance.

In other words, it’s the Death Star.

The deployed state allows you to charge up the Leviathan and explode a nuke shell that destroys a fully charged node. But the Leviathan is also more vulnerable in that state. I imagine you wouldn’t see it just floating around everywhere; many of the Onslaught maps have AVRILs (aa missiles) in the base pickups so it would die pretty quickly like that, but on a large map like Red Planet where it takes several minutes to bring the Leviathan up to the enemy’s base-adjacent nodes, well…

Not to mention landing it on top of ledgest and hills to rain hot death down below.

Not to mention the speed hacks that are already showing up.

Well maybe they’ll have a patch out by the time the rest of us can get our hands on the DVD edition.

It appears you can also use the Scorpion dune buggy, as well as the Hellbender truck to push the Goliath tank, making it travel much faster than normal.