UT2004 Tech Problem (not graphics related)

Atari is no help. I installed. I updated. Win 2000 with an nVidia card. The game runs fine in single player mode, ran fine online BEFORE i updated to the newest version (got the game on Wednesday). Now, when I hit “join game” on the main menu, it pushes to a background, like it’s gonna bring up the server browser, but then, it just sits. Cursor on screen but frozen.

Ctrl Alt Dlt does nothing. Alt Tab does ntohing. i have to reboot manually to get out of it.

Happens with the firewall off, too.


Do you have a Firewall, maybe?

Miss Cleo tells me that the answer is … Yes.

But to my untrained eye it looks like its a possible graphics issue, have you tried rolling back your nVidia drivers one notch?

It might be the Nvidia drivers. But your best bet is a complete re-install and make sure you flush the registry before you do it.

Windows key plus L might log you out. I’m not sure if it works in Windows 2k but it works in XP…