Utilities to make Windows XP less stupid?

Okay, I installed the new Nvidia drivers today, and once again the 30-odd icons on my desktop are once again scattered to the wind. I know Microsoft has suddenly decided we’re no longer supposed to USE the desktop, but still, you’d think freakin’ Windows wouldn’t randomly rearrange your icons every time your desktop changes resolution.

Anyone using a good FREE utility that will let you “snapshot” icon positions so you can put them back if something goes amiss? I found one, but it cost $20, which is bit… stupid.

I mean, hell, friggin’ AmigaDOS 1.2 let you snapshot icons. In 1986.

I just right-click on the desktop and use Arrange icons by/Auto Arrange and/or Align To Grid

Powerstrip has this functionality. It is nagware but it has a number of other useful features as well.

– Xaroc

Hey Denny try this

Works like a charm and it’s free.

Let’s try that again (after I register, log-in and create editing capabilities for myself). Here is the proper URL.


Thanks for the link, Andy. Alas, that doesn’t appear to work under XP Pro.

Derek, auto-arrange/arrange by screws up my order/icon segregation! :-) (Apps and folders on the left, documents and links on the right, trashcan down at the bottom right.)

Hmm. Odd that. The readme file says it’s supposed to work with 95/98/NT/2000/ME and XP. (The DLL file that it employs is apparently from NT).

I’m still with 98SE myself (but that unopened copy of XP Pro that’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks is starting to beckon to me).