UTM (unified threat management) firewalls for home networks?

Has anyone had experiencing running Untangle, Endian, Sophos XG, pfSense, Sophos UTM Home, OPNsense or anything else?


I tried the Sophos XG Home, Sophos UTM Home and pfsense.

Personally I prefer the Sophos UTM over the XG and pfsense and still use the UTM as a backup firewall.
The XG feels like a beta product compared to the UTM, lots of stuff not thought through. Nicer looking UI which sometimes doesn’t act as expected. Log viewer and reporting is way better than the UTM.

pfsense shows what happens when technical people design an interface but offers more options and is the most flexible of the three. Application control/content filter is lacking last time I checked.

The UTM is robust option for a home deployment. Easy to configure with a sometimes clunky, bit aged but still decent interface, lots of features you will probably not find in a open source collaborated work and/or that easy to use (i.e. Sophos webfiltering to the subpar dansguardian/squid solutions).