Utomik game download subscription thingy

Deleting the ad apps on my HP and saw this. It’s got 1,200 games. Scrolling through the list it’s basically a giant pile of Fanatical bundles, but there’s a few great gems too like Alliance Alive, Fata Morgana, Mechanicus.

Anyone tried it? Any good?

Is it streaming? First I’ve ever heard of this. utomik.com website appears to indicate it’s in early access.


They’ve invented Gametap. Again.

Which doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Gametap made so many mistakes and died so stuff like this could try to figure out the same space.

I had GameTap! It wasn’t streaming though

I’ve used Utomik! (I feel like I posted about it, too.) I check out their library every once in awhile and subscribe for a month if there’s a couple things I want to play. There are a lot of casual games and adventure games, but a surprising number of more substantial games, too, from Tropico to Saints Row. I never had any issues with the storefront experience. It can be a pretty good deal… if they have stuff you want.

I can now say I’ve used it too :)

The PC client worked good and it’s easy to add things to our playlists. Lots of little collections to sort through. I like that it shows how long you’ve played each game. All of them I’ve tried also support cloud saves.

I saved around 50 bucks so far trying a bunch of things from my wishlist … that it turns out I didn’t like. I enjoy hidden object games so going through their catalog’ll be fun later. There’s over 100 of them.

Last day for the deal if anyone might be interested. Free trial is only 5 days instead of 14 if you activate that offer.

Re: Gametap - They have the same games I played on there a long time ago! I didn’t play many, but the only one missing was Grimm.

If you find a really top-tier HOG, let me know what it is. There’s too many to sort through, and a lot of mediocre ones.

Will do! I tried a handful, but nothing I would recommend so far.

You might like Terraformers. I finished my first game of that this morning. It’s a little card-city builder / resource management with some replayability.

Nothing great with the HOGs yet.

I’ve been looking at the leaderboards on some of these games and it’s… 5 people. I’m the only person who completed a few. I was planning on pausing soon, but I might keep it going a little longer to support the service.

They’re now adding release day indies instead of random old stuff. This month it’s been Ugly, Evolings, and Pizza Possum. Some very recent ones too: Endling, Everdream Valley & Grapple Dog. That’s more I can cross off the wishlist. :)

Next month’ll have more day 1s: Cavern of Dreams & Turnip Boy robs a bank.