Utopia - Amazon Prime series

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread on this series already.

Is anyone else watching this? It’s very cool. I highly recommend fills check it out.

I don’t know what genre i would put out in… Conspiracy thriller? It’s got a very good cast, including real life crazy dude John Cusack.

I watched the original British series. I have no desire to see the Americanized version. The British Utopia was perfectly great.

I didn’t see the British series, but i just finished this season of the Amazon certain, and it’s really very well done.

British series thread

UK reviews of the Amazon version have perhaps unsurprisingly not been kind.

Its a good remake of the original. It wastes no time and goes straight to it. Three episodes in I would reccommend it. I thought the ‘psycho’ characters were not as good as in the UK version, but it gets better the further in.

Surprisingly the show is produced by Gone Girl Gillian Flynn, which she somehow keeps it relevant in the case of the Coronavirus times… (show was finsihed last year and based on a story from 2013) so predates current news obviously. Like the UK show its dark and unflinching in its view of ‘elites’ and conspiracy. But even though its dark there is still the UK black humor in it all.

What do you mean crazy? I admit I haven’t kept up with him lately but growing up I was a huge fan of just about everything he did.

Really?! Brits pissing on a US version. Noooo! Say it aint so. The only real shock would have been if it was well reviewed in the UK.

The show is actually pretty good and worth watching. It is pretty dark and has some disturbing scenes of murder and torture so its definitely not for kids, unless you want them having nightmares for a month or two.

Here’s recently been wrapped up in the conspracy theories about how 5g controls your brain or some shit.

I agree though, good actor.

A few episodes in, and man,

the body count is crazy high. Didn’t expect so much violence, and portrayed in such a nonchalant manner. It’s like watching TWD, only the head shots are delivered to comic nerds, not the shambling, mindless undead.

Yeah, I watched it all the way through, and don’t regret it, but no kidding about the body count and OTT violence. Don’t know where the story goes from where they left it.

Are there more episodes coming this month? Because if not, that last episode was a stupid way to ask people to wait a year for the next set of episodes. I was pretty disappointed.

Primarily because the big reveal of what’s in the vaccine is not something I can argue with as being heinous. All along I thought this was going to be an extinction level event where they pick and choose who lives and the rest of the world dies. But instead it’s birth control. Of course the dumbest form of birth control because 3 generations before people can have kids means… nearly everyone will be dead before the kids are being born again. I mean China is going to be in crisis in 10 years because they only allowed people to have 1 child per family… not no children. SO yea, for a brilliant scientist to come up with this dastardly plan, it’s phenomenally stupid on a guttural level which makes the series feel like it got real dumb real quick.

Also what they didn’t consider in vitro fertilization which means people will still have kids, but it’ll just be rich people. So the big reveal is, “meh”. I know that’s part of the “surprise” but it’s a dumb surprise which doesn’t add up being concocted as carefully planned and brilliantly laid out.

LOL, after coming from “Preacher” and “The Boys”, this was like a Disney film.

And at the end, basically…

…Harvest had captured Jessica Hyde, right? And you’re right about the dastardly sterility plan. I’m also not so sure it would be overcome with in vitro for the fortunate few. It would depend a lot on how it worked systemically, I suppose.

What am I watching. These people are mean :(

Episode 2, this is more brutal than the Boys. I know the boys has a higher bodycount but it’s comic book violence. This stuff is realistic.

Yeah, the end of that one was dark and effed up.

We adored the British version and almost but not quite like this one. Cusick is good, he sells his character well, which makes the past years of his real life make much more sense because obviously it was all method acting on his part. Who knew!

I liked it a lot. Wonderfully dark and violent and occasionally unpredictable. Great cast. Really cool to see American Honey Sasha Lane getting such a fun part. Great casting with John Cusack, too, which is a lot more than I can say about his other recent attempts at playing a villain.

Hmm, now I want to watch the British version just so I can find out what happens in season two! I presume it’s a self-contained two-season story and not something that ended with a cliff-hanger because it didn’t get renewed, right? That’s generally a safe assumption given how British TV works.


EDIT: Well, so much for that theory…

I don’t actually mind how the UK one ended, even if it didn’t fully resolve. The character journeys in the two series are interesting and ended up in some interesting places. I was sad it didn’t get a third wrapping everything up, but, I think it said everything it had to by that point anyway and perhaps with the subject matter wasn’t badly served by being left as a ‘what if’. Well worth seeing.

Haven’t had a chance to watch the US one yet, but I will.