Utterly Useless Thing To Celebrate Inside


Well. Sorry about the tardiness, I was due 2 days ago!

I’m not gonna get all maudlin, don’t worry. But I would like to commemorate this stupid non-achievement with some sort of ceremony, you’ll pardon me. So, without further ado, I give you my Qt3 Gestalt Pop Culture Project, “Chick Didn’t Start the Fire” (to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” for which the real lyrics are here):

[CENTER]Chick Didn’t Start the Fire

Bill Dungsroman Kevin Grey, mtkafka, flyinj
AIM Udarnik, walTer dwinn Njal, Joel JohanO.
J. McCullough, Rich(V)R Nelson Supertanker, ’lectragician
Matthew Gallant, Angie Gallant, magnetic_rose!

HRose links his blog, jpinard, Aszurom,
Brendan, MattKeil and Scry, txa1265
Icehole, TwoSixteen, Derek Taco, PhD
Papageno, rjcc, JMJ sez goodbye ;_;

Chick didn’t start the fire
He was on The Office
But that didn’t stop us!
Chick didn’t start the fire!
A stint on The West Wing
But Qt3 is his thing!

Anders Hallin, nabs Backov, Rockstar and Hot Coffee – uh?
ElRav’ger, Hasselbauer, Kitsune text block
Elhajj? Roger Wong? Steve Canyon? Lunch of Kong?
Ben, Ben Sones, polls, tronnc and noun TheRock!

Doom3, Jeff Green; ”Flamers are so frickin’ mean!”
Groupthink, Gently Banned; (You) Have (some) Fun (Bill Huffman)!
Gone Gold:BrOOding pests? unbongwah, Valve’s chet,
AngryFace! Stroker Ace! Podia by Jose Liz!


Desslock, nutsak, Efthimios G. McGriddle’s FAQ
tromik, Contrai; Which EB now, E5?
Miramon, Charles Kareem, California Usermeet
Squirrel Killer, K0NY whines, BobJustBob hates Half-Life!

balut Rollory, Shmtur, DeathMonkey, mok tiohn
Brian Koontz, by far, Rimbo and Sebmolo
MOO 3, DeepT, Crypt spoils Serenity
Blakemore is a psycho! Dave Long loves Nintendo!


[CENTER]Holliday, Funkman, ScurvyPig is Drunkagain
Athryn, Dunkin, Frog/Bear/Pig’s invasion
Flowers and quatoria, EE Vampiremania,
Ohle, Myth, Brad Grenz, the Sofaers and Andrew M’s.

Jobe, Kalle, Theo Rex, ElGuapo’s creepy sex
Case; Met_K, banned away! What the fuck is NMA?


Poll control, Wholly Schmidt, rhinohelix, mlatin
BooTx, SpoofyChop, IRCgate, Xaroc
Erik Derek, Jake Plane; Riddles about airplanes,
TMI from RepoMan; Russian dates for extarbags?

wumpus Union Carbide; New logo MachFive
RR o’death! Tom Chick vets? fire’s ass: boner (shitz!)
“Suits!” says amd64, “It’s a trap!” says Alan Au
P&R, The Console Wars, I can’t take it anymore!


Chick didn’t start the fire
But when we are gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on…

Little something for everyone in there, I should hope. Sorry if you weren’t included, I do so love you all!!! (Ok I got a little maudlin) I’m sure some of it doesn’t work right, just pedantically nitpick it for me in true qt3 spirit.

Anyway, that’s it, who cares, see you at 20K maybe. I’ll make a wish and blow the doorman, I mean blow out the candles.



OK, back to whatever it was you all were arguing about.

PS Mad propz to Shmtur for helping me with this monument to insanity.

Vanity leaves me only enough time to check out my own link right now, so if there’s a theme, it’s my fault I’m missing it, but how did you pick what to link? Randomly? Did something I said in 2004 really stay with you? Or did you really look through “Posts started by user” for everyone?

It’s mighty impressive either way.

I made it into the song. Woot.

Well done! I’m impressed that you actually took the time to do this.

I didn’t get named dropped, but I really hadn’t expected to be. I’m one of the masses that just makes his semi-regular, not-all-that-witty contributions that hopefully keep the signal higher than the noise, and I’m happy to be that way. There’s a bunch of us that don’t stand out in any particular way, we don’t say anything too crazy, or make any particular waves, but we’re part of the Qt3 fabric all the same.

All that to say that I still firmly believe that it’s the colourful characters like you, Bill, that really add the spice that makes this a truly great message board.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy the next 10,000 as much as I enjoyed the first 10,000. Congrats!

Urgently needed elsewhere, but for some reason it shows up here.

I liked (you).

Game over, the internet is closed.

This post is going to keep me busy tomorrow at work. Well done.

Quite the monolithic undertaking. No wonder you were a couple of days overdue. I’m having loads of fun rummaging through your linkies, and can’t wait for what you will do at November 24, 2049. (Also referred to as the Billpocalypse.)
Without you this board would be more than 0,897 % less of what it currently is!

dwinn: People like you are why I shouldn’t be drinking while reading Qt3. My monitor’s a dripping mess. :)

Congratulations? I’m not sure that’s right, but we can sure celebrate regardless!

and… Who was Captain Cookiepants?

I feel so unloved.

Haha, awesome!

Not as great as Legend of Flowers, but way better than Kitsune is John Many Jars.

Was cookiepants the one that threatened to kill BillD?

Si, Señor.

Here’s the thread where it came up here.

Damn Bill. I didn’t even remember making that post. Which is a good thing I guess. But the internet never forgets, and neither does Dungsroman.

Dungsroman is the internet.

Congrats on the milestone Bill!

OMFG… That’s funny. Congrats Bill, good job.