Uwe Boll makes a good move? - Rampage

not based on the video game. It’s about a guy who is fed up with the world, straps on body armor and goes on a killing spree. So far it’s hit some good reviews wich is a first for Uwe.


trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSRSoncoV4k


And here I thought it was going to be about a pixelated gorilla and dinosaur climbing buildings, punching windows and eating people.

Damn, that game was great.

It looks like Postal grounded in a bit more realism, but without the “humor.”

Which actually sounds kind of interesting.

I want to see this actually.I haven’t seen any of Boll’s movies, but this one seems interesting.

Thermodynamic miracles…events with odds against so astronomical they’re effectively impossible, like oxygen spontaneously becoming gold. I long to observe such a thing.

Hmm this sounds like postal but with armor!

So it’s Falling Down with full body armor?

edit: saw the trailer, nope, not Falling Down since D-FENS only purposely kills one person in that movie, the surplus store owner. The guy in the trailer looks like he kills EVERYONE.

wouldn’t he eventually just get shot in the face since it only looked like he was wearing some sort of gas mask?

Needs more Killdozer.

Or a sniper with a .50 cal. I’m sure the SWAT team has a few of those laying around from the militarization of police units.

It’s a short film.

How does this possibly look like a good movie? Watch the trailer, then read the first review. In the trailer, the main character comes off as completely contemptible BEFORE you see that he murders tons of innocent people. And the first review calls him “an anti-hero you both thoroughly detest and kind of admire at the same time.” The second review says the movie pretty much sucks except for the “Tons of killing, tons of bullets…” So the reviewers pretty clearly have serious issues, and don’t really give much evidence that this is at all a good movie (unless you are 16 and write revenge fantasies about the “popular kids” in your diary).

On what planet does this even look like a good movie?

Jesus christ its about a guy going around and randomly killing people for the fuck of it. It’s actually kinda fucked up because people have actually done this before.

I have to agree that I don’t see how this can be anything but reprehensible. Uwe Boll doesn’t strike me a filmmaker who can handle this with any insight, much less any craft*. Even the trailer is a bit nauseating, and not just for all the handheld camera work.

  • Please don’t challenge me to a boxing match for saying so, Uwe!

And to that end, it’s already been a movie, more or less.

Whee, senseless killing and ultra violence as a political statement! Truly, everyone will sit up and take notice.

How long until someone gets offended and points out that Uwe Boll loves vidjagames, and they’re probably responsible for how messed up he is?

This is stupid.

As long as you pretend to have at least some boxing knowledge, uwe boll won’t challange you to a boxing match.

I don’t know, I guess it’s getting reviewed okay hence the “first good Uwe Boll film” talk, but it seems really tasteless to me. Especially with a director like Boll.