Uwe Boll - Owned

Blizzard laughs Uwe out of their offices.

All I can say is thank god for that.

As if there could be a good movie based on World of Warcraft? Might as well let Boll do it, the movie would suck if Scorcese made it.

Pfft, spoken like someone who hasn’t ever even watched a Wow cinematic. :P

This could have been his Beowulf.

Neither Boll nor Scorsese would be right for the material, obviously. You’d be looking more in the range of Peter Jackson/James Cameron types for an ideal fit I suppose.

IMO a CGI WoW movie made by the Blizzard cinematics team would look great. But for god’s sake get someone good to write the screenplay. Pretty pictures only go so far.

A CGI movie would be a huge undertaking though. At this point Blizz could afford it, but with so many fans, there is no fucking way you will be able to please everyone.

I know they already announced they were working on one, but if I were them I wouldn’t do a movie, ever. Instead, keep the story in the game, and keep the possibility of a box office bomb out of the equation.

I do know that Legendary Pictures is the studio that is working on it, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing.

A movie like World of Warcraft would have to be made by someone like Jackson or Del Toro for it to be any good. The Matrix guys could probably pull it off, too.

I think that Southpark episode was all the movie we’ll ever need.


I didn’t realize they closed that tax loophole that he was abusing in Germany - excellent news, almost as good as reading about the manner in which Blizzard turned him away.

I think that a WoW movie should be 100% CGI by Blur and the script written by the same folks at Blizzard who do the rest of their stuff. Then just hire some talented voice actors.

That is an awesome quote, and I chuckle every time I read it.

Blizzard hasn’t figured how to properly work gnomes or trolls into their CGI bits. How are they going to do it for 90 minutes? Yeah, they do a great two minute job of undead warlocks and dwarf hunters. When they have to actually script the WoW lore, it will become a sinking ship. WoW lore isn’t called lolore for nothin’.

Wow lore is fine. Some people just got sand in their vaginas when Blizzard decided to add the Draenei.

Wait a sec, you’re the guy who claimed that 2.4 screwed over his shaman, aren’t you? I think you’re a little too bitter to be commenting on Blizzard related things. :)

I just want the orcs to say “kek” and the humans to say “bur”.

They also do a great job with Tauren, with Night Elves, with Blood Elves, with Dranei… and in fact, I remember seeing some CG with trolls that was pretty good.

In fact, I’d say that gnomes are the only ones I don’t remember ever seeing.

Trolls had about 4 seconds in The Burning Crusade movie, if that. Draenei are an awesome race, they should make a movie about them!! Blue, space-faring, tentacled, cloven-hooved bipeds are cruising along in space, when their wind chime pilot crashes their ship into Azeroth. They are blessed by the gods of Azeroth and become holy paladins and priests. They also become attuned to the ways of Azerothian elements and work the voodoo mischief of the shaman.


Show us all on the dolly where Blizzard touched you.

I’d actually like to see Tim Burton helming the World of Warcraft movie. It’s not exactly a ‘happy’ or ‘light’ setting. The game is pretty dark, as depicted in the cinematics and storyline.

Characters like Arthas, Illidan and the undead would make for good Tim Burton material.

It would absolutely suck if they decided to go with some happy feel to it.