V For Vendetta trailer up

I know we are all supposed to bad mouth this movie and what not, but that trailer looked pretty awesome. Weaving is definitely a good choice for the voice of V.

And Portman? Hot.

God help me…I may actually be looking forward to this film.

Wow. I’m sold and I don’t particularly like the original comic.

I’m sold and I absolutely love the original comic. Looks like they just might have pulled it off.

Did anyone actually try to run the 1920x1080 hidef trailer? My Athlon 64 3500+ with two gigs of RAM couldn’t render it effectively. It’s a monster.

  1. Just so nobody makes the same dumb mistake I did, don’t bother downloading the 140MB hi-def trailer unless you have a Mac, because it requires Quicktime 7 which is apparently only out for the Mac.

  2. This movie looks incredibly awesome and probably faithful to the comic book, which is just so great. V for Vendetta is one of my all-time favorite comics, and I’m really psyched to see it get such a good treatment (from all appearances).

  3. Holy frijoles is this bad timing for them. Protagonist is a terrorist stalking the streets of London, blowing things up because he hates the current government? Good luck with that one. That scene where he has a TNT vest on is like straight out of this morning’s newspaper. Christ, audiences will be rooting for the finger-men. (Yeah, V’s an anti-hero in many ways, I know. But if you don’t feel sympathy for him I don’t think the story works.)

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard Hugo Weaving’s voice and not thought immediately of Agent Smith. Hopefully it stays that way so it doesn’t distract me during the film.

5: Another cool thing: it seems like the screenwriters really get it. The “What was done to me was monstrous” “And created a monster” line isn’t from the book, but is pretty good. The “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people” line is 100% awesome, and I don’t think that’s from the book either. Good for them.

A beta version of QT7 is available for windows, but the performace sucks pretty bad. I’m guessing the Mac version uses some serious altivec optimizations.

They do have a Windows “public preview”, as well. But, as Marcus said, don’t bother with the 1920x1080 HD version unless you’ve got the BatComputer.

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Once the audience learns what happened to V at the hands of the government, I don’t think sympathy will be an issue. Plus the government depicted is clearly unlike the real Britain’s. You’re right, though, I expect plenty of people who don’t know shit about the movie and just read a plot synopsis will flip out. Maybe the ties to the Gunpowder Plot will help alleviate that some.

I don’t know the comic but the trailer looks like they’re clearly showing the government as an Orwellian dictatorship. There shouldn’t be any problems with misunderstandings.

Is the Moore movie curse broken? That trailer looked pretty much bang-on accurate to the book. I’m really optimistic about this, which of course means it will suck worse than League.

Sorry, maybe I’m being unclear–I don’t think people will misunderstand. I’m sure anyone who sees the movie (and really anyone who sees the trailer) will understand that it’s a fictional future fascist government and all that. And of course V’s type of terrorism is 100% different than the type going on right now. But I think people (or at least, many people) are going to have a really, really hard time getting themselves to root for V given the real-world current situation.

I’ll bet if you took a poll of people unfamiliar with the comic who had seen that trailer, a majority of them would say they think the inspector is the protagonist and V is a crazy villain.

I definitely think that that trailer makes V look like the villain.

Also, that movie looks like crap. That is all.

There’s a detailed review of a leaked script at Comic Book Resources, which also has lots of other tidbits about the film:

It’s a tragic thing to say that this is the most authentic translation of Alan Moore comics into movies, that I can see. But that’s only because the others have been “Swamp Thing,” “Constantine,” “From Hell” and “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

I think this will be a fun movie. I like the Wachowski movies. And unlike “From Hell,” “Constantine,” and “League,” I may actually feel moved to go and see this one in the cinema. This flawed, twisted mockery of a script may yet inspire a wonderfully visionary and startling movie that hammers home the unreality of modern life, of freedom and anarchy, of democracy and power, of abuse, of revenge of fulfilling our potential.

I was half expecting the V to turn into eVey For Vendetta.

Am I (or rather, my local Comic Book Guy) crazy, or is this film the reason Moore canceled all of his ABC comics?

I thought he quit after DC bought the imprint and started demanding changes?

What could this film possibly have to do with ABC comics? Its not like he can be pissed off at DC that its being made- Joel Silver has owned the rights to V since it debuted and could have made a film at any time.

Pretty sure your local Comic Book Guy is crazy.