V - The Series (2009)

I’ve been searching the internet for more information on the upcoming ABC series V: The Series, and have been surprised to find very little information. The users and commentators on this site appear to be more “in the know” as far as television, gaming, and film goes. I was hoping someone might have more information on when the series pilot is airing and what not.

Here are a few links I’ve come across, including two video clips from the pilot:

article on io9.com*:
*includes 2 video clips from the pilot

IMDB.com listing:

ABC.com description:

I look forward to reading your comments and learning more about the new series.


Glad to help — the series pilot aired yesterday at 10 AM EST. It won’t re-air until the DVD box set is out, probably in 2012.

Either you are viral marketing or not very good at using search engines.

But if it is the latter, I give you this or this.

Anyone know where I can watch this if I forgot it was on? :(

It’s not on yet - it airs this fall as part of ABC’s new schedule as a “limited series.”

The casting has me more interested then anything they’ve revealed or shown yet.


Or Netflix 6 months from now.

I guess I was confused since John just said the pilot already aired.

Not viral, but more the latter as you had mentioned. Sorry for that. :) Thanks for the links, Alex.

Didn’t the pilot script in full widely leak on io9 or something?

ABC as in the network. The new “V” is a midseason replacement show for the 09/10 season.

He was joking. It was part of the riff on the OP.

Wait this is being made the 4400 crew?

I’m now extremely interested.

I wonder if they will keep the same over-tones and themes the original had. If I remember right the original series was more than just ALiens and half-lizard babies, it was the story of a community and how different individuals react to an oppressive force taking over, sort of a re-telling of how the Nazi’s came in to power and how it was allowed to happen by otherwise normal people.

There was even a scene where Scary German Guy was teaching little kids how to properly defile Alien Propaganda. “V, for victory!” or something like that.

I think you mean Old Jewish Guy. It was cheezy as hell, but I loved that show when I was a kid. Little Blonde Doc was a crappy actress, but little adolescent me fostered a little lust for her anyway. Is Juliet from Lost playing the same blonde doctor role?

I mostly remember it being about women so uber-hot you didn’t really care if they were aliens. Then again, I think I’d just hit puberty at the time.

Yea, hot as hell. I was in second or third grade during the first airing (1982 or 1983??) But then my world came crashing down WHEN THE ATE RATS OMG

You guys seen the extended trailer?


I have to say, it looks pretty faithful to the tone of the old stories. I’m interested.


Nice Trailer. Now I am excited.

I was quoted why? It was framed as an option: ABC.com (perhaps?)