VA Senate Race 06 - James Webb Harris Miller Debate

Crossposted from OO. James Webb is the former Secretary of the Navy, Miller is an ex Lobbyist.

WVEC Reviews the Debate

Very contentious, Miller spent most his time answering Webbs attacks. Webb was clearly the better prepared of the two and was quite capable on his feet.

The Election is June 13th.

Not only that, but Webb was Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy, and now he’s running as a Democrat. Tells you a lot about how Shrub has managed to alienate a lot of Reagan Republicans.

Webb let his irritation at Miller show a few times.

His use of a hot-button New Testament term on Miller, who is Jewish, may haunt Webb, said Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

“It means he’s getting a lesson in what you can and can’t say,” Sabato said.
WTF? Why is the article so coy?

Just what is this “hot-button New Testament term” of which they speak? What did he do, call Miller a publican?

Pharisee? Judas? Thessalonian?

EDIT: The article above mentions “Antichrist”. That would be the one.


Outsourcing antichrist?

In the Left Behind books, the Antichrist is Romanian. And Eastern Europeans work for less than Americans. So an outsourced Antichrist is just sound theology.


I hope Webb wins. I do not think Miller has a chance. Webb can at least make this a race.

I am not a fan of Allen at all.

I am, OTOH, a big fan of John Warner.

“You’ve been called the Antichrist of outsourcing,” Webb said, noting his endorsement by the Sheet Metal Workers International Association.
You can’t call your political rival the antichrist? What kind of pussies are they in Virginia?

The kind that elects Tim Kaine as Governor.

“Tim Kaine says that Adolf Hitler doesn’t qualify for the death penalty.”

Eh, this was a talking point for Kilgore (the unsuccessful candidate for governor) last year, and it’s more or less accepted that Kaine was misquoted. In any case, we now know that Kaine won’t be handing out clemency left and right, since he refused it to a guy who was then executed just last month.

I forgot the smilies…

I just like that we have jumped from involving Hitler to now the Antichrist in one year’s time. We need some stronger comparisions.