Vacation - Thor, Kelly Bundy, Andy Bernard, Charlie, and Debbie lampooning around

NSFW red band trailer:

I’m not ashamed to admit I went into the trailer a hater and came out of the trailer totally sold. I particularly loved the nods to the original.


“You’re not too old for a good night rimjob from your dad.”

Tom “Lowbrow Trailer Viewer” Chick - Christien might just disown you.

Hey, another movie with a white dude who is a completely emasculated, buffoonish schlub. More comfort food for losers, misandrists and racists. Can’t we get a little diversity?

Wait… you watched the trailer??

— Alan

I’m perfectly willing to watch trailers for movies I don’t want to see. But then sometimes over the course of the trailer, they turn into movies I do want to see.


So… how do you know if you want to see it if you don’t see a trailer?

— Alan

Usually by virtue of the director, writer, or cast. There are other ways to find out about movies than trailers. :)


So thats where he keeps Thor’s Hammer…

That was super fun, though a rental unless my wife wants to see it in theaters or something.

“This vacation will totally stand on its own.”

I admittedly lol’d at the “six-pack” comment

Could be good fun.

I did laugh a fair bit during the movie but I don’t think it was very good. I thought Hemsworth was pretty damn funny and I got the impression he was having fun with his role.