Val Kilmer got his voice back, thanks to AI.

Maybe this should be in the movie section, not sure. :P

That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Deepfakes for good?

I’ve been doing something along these lines for work, and it’s pretty amazing what kind of tech is really available now.

We have a system built upon tech that was freely available from the academic community that can essentially take a short voice sample (only a few seconds) and generate an encoding of the speaker that can then feed into she other stuff to generate novel synthesis.

It’s not nearly as clear as the hand tuned synthesizer developed for Val Killer, but the fact that I can make a recognizable voice in a few seconds is nuts.

It definitely works better for some voices than others.



You know what, this is pretty cool. No snark, they did something good.

I wonder if this is odd for him, since it’s going to sound to him like he’s always sounded to other people, but it’s often noted that our voices sound different to us because of sinus resonance or whatever.

Edit: although, if I had thought about it just a biiiiit more, it might have occurred to me that hearing your own recorded voice is probably not unusual for an actor!

Kinda weird, but yeah - that was my thought as well.

@Kolbex - heh, honestly never thought of it from that perspective.

You get used to it. I don’t mind hearing my own voice because it’s encouraged me to improve the way I speak, and there’s no better way than listening to yourself. The first TV interview I did (about crocodiles naturally), I spoke so fast they had to subtitle me! Maybe I thought I was impressing someone. That was embarrassing, frankly. Now I speak much more slowly, more carefully and clearly, pause for effect, all that good stuff that I really only learned by hearing how bad I used to be. I still don’t revel in the sound of my own voice or anything, it just doesn’t scare me off anymore.

That Val Kilmer thing is awesome, btw.

Thank you for posting this, KOSC.
I’ll never say that again.

No worries I screenshotted it for proof. ;)