Valentine's Day with Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 isn't a cuddly affair

Title Valentine's Day with Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 isn't a cuddly affair
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When February 13, 2015

Make War Not Love 2 is the way Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment celebrate Valentine's Day. From today until February 15th, players of these two games have a chance to win fabulous prizes as well as grind their enemies' bones into dust..

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Tried CoH2 and even as a free experience, I was bored and uninstalled after less than 2 hours. Echoing Tom's review that it manages to make everything from the first game worse while improving on absolutely nothing (I guess infantry automatically capturing points by just standing around them is better?).

It can never be understated what a total nightmare the UI is. No more stats on units so you have no clue how comparatively effective everything is. No more command tree decisions. A total "deckbuilding" grinding OCD nightmare of pre-battle setups where you must unlock upgrades and commanders, because Call of Duty does it!

I can't think of any other sequel that screwed the pooch this badly since Master of Orion 3.

I didn't like CoH2 either at launch, and I think I hated it even more after the "War Spoils" update. In contrast, I think Rome 2 has improved a lot since launch. CA has turned it into the game it should've been on day 1.

OMG Kim Kardashian!

How did COH2 win this? It seemed like 3x as many people on Steam were playing TW:R2 at the weekend.