Valerian - Luc Besson, The Enchantress, and a Dane


Agreed. I’m very excited about this.


I can’t shake a Spy Kids 3/Shark Boy-Lava Girl vibe when I see the trailers. I really want to be wrong.


As someone that has watched a crazy amount of Spy Kids and especially Shark Boy/Lava Girl thanks to having small kids into all those films back when, this film has a completely different vibe than those.

I agree with the above, as a big fan of TFE, this looks like that, in all the best ways. I’m in day one.


Another The Fifth Element fan here excited for this. A lot of sci-fi takes itself too serious nowadays!


This thing looks amazing. Even if the movie is nothing special, I hope these visual inspire future artists.


The visuals are great but I’m not fond of the two leads - they look to much like living anime to me :)


Fully agree, but thats part of the appeal for me. They look out of place, like from a different movie. This for me will make every “what the hell, this place is amazing” even more amazing. Is a french movie-thing, it would not work with the typical USA rambo hero and top-model companion.

Maybe I am mixing my wish with reality here.


I’ve seen this trailer several times at the theater. I great really excited because the visuals are interesting and the concepts shown seem worthwhile. My excitement deflates at roughly the same place every time, when one of the young stars actually talks. I hope someone can tell me if the dialogue is as bad as it shows in the trailer.


Well, the source material is pretty goofy, so I’m not sure how serious the whole thing is supposed to be anyway.


If it’s dumb fun like 5th Element, I’m happy.

But wow, Cara Delevingne is going to have to turn in a Streep-level performance to make me forgive her abysmal Suicide Squad “acting.”

And Dane Dehaan looks like an unlicensed knockoff of Leonardo DiCaprio.


What? No!

{wiggles and dances in a really odd way}


This movie looks how I want other science fiction movies to look


But not this one?


This one look like a Alejandro Jodorosky graphic novel. Good A++


Since this entire thread is basically all of us drooling over how much this reminds us of the Fifth Element, and we all love it, add me to the pile of those who love TFE for it’s totally over the top presentation.


Yup. That’ll be tough though.

Wow, I didn’t know how to express it until I read that. Spot on.


Agreed, that is a strikingly accurate description.


A decidedly negative review from the Hollywood Reporter.

…the Hollywood studio chiefs can breathe easy that, this time, at least, they’ll escape blame for making a giant summer franchise picture that nobody wants to see, since this one’s a French import.
Yes, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets really is that bad, bad enough that you don’t know for the longest time that Valerian is one of the lead characters and not a planet or a spaceship. Sporting special effects and sets that smack of 50-year-old Barbarella-style tackiness, Luc Besson’s $200-million eyesore will barely trigger a momentary blip on the American box-office radar screen, leaving Besson with the lone hope that there are parts of the world where the entertainment tastes remain, ahem, less discriminating.


Well, Fifth Element reviews were really mixed as well.


I would like to see this movie. I’m tired of every movie/show trying to be grimdark.