Valerian - Luc Besson, The Enchantress, and a Dane


I saw this last night in a 3D showing. I didn’t even notice the 3D. I thought the acting was terrible. Maybe Besson was telling the leads to show as little emotion as possible but I suspect it’s just poor acting.

Some of the dialogue I found to be absolutely cringe worthy. There is also one of the slowest Fight scenes that I have ever watched.

I wonder if Besson has a strained relationship with Disney as there is a character that is a dead ringer for a Disney character that is portrayed as a prostitute. It’s only for about 10 or 15 seconds of screen time, but still.

This movie just didn’t work for me. Hopefully everyone else will have a different opinion from mine and the movie will do well critically and financially.


Man, I’m getting old - the leads in this movie look about twelve years old to me.


Same response we had when my wife and I saw the trailer a few months ago. I was initially disappointed because I thought it was a kid’s movie.

It wasn’t until release date approached I learned differently.


The leads don’t look just young, they look like siblings (the trailer already gave me a weird brother/sister vibe despite the fact that this is obviously not supposed to be the case). It’s overall just a bad casting choice.


You mean, like Fifth Element was a kid’s movie?


No, not like that.


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Not looking good for Valerian’s box office this weekend. The studio is projecting ~ $17 million.


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This is one of those movies that’s geared toward other markets. And as I understand it, it’s pretty much a safe, fiscally.


The trailers show an “alien” that bears a striking resemblance to the guys who helped John Carter win Mars.


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Do it. Dooo eeeet.


I was convinced to take someone to see this today. Just. Don’t.

My thinking was "well I know more likely than not it will be awful, but perhaps it will be visually stunning. I will just say any expensive effects work from the film is basically in the trailer. Vast majority of the film is on a poorly set soundstage. The film itself was really bad, imho.



I’ve seen the trailer in front of pretty much every movie I’ve been to this year. Even my post from April I mentioned it gave me a Spy Kids 3 vibe. And they aren’t teen actors?!



I love the Fifth Element. this doesn’t look like that. This is some juvenile kind of movie right?