Valheim - a viking multiplayer exploration and survival game by Coffee Stain

I am fine with the weight limit, but man could we just get at least a few more inventory slots at some point in the progression?! I hate leaving things behind that I need while adventuring because I am out of slots, ugh!

I have been thinking about the inventory situation a bit and have a few ideas. It can be fun to discuss, and I was curious what you all thought. I know we are in EA and I am sure some things will be done along the way, but it seems like it is a little out of balance and worth some discussion. If not, we always have mods to do what we want! The thing that gets me the most is that the more you progress, and unlock tools/weapons/armor, the less inventory space you have to work with to gather and loot items.

So we have 32 total inventory slots to work with. The first 8 are on the hotkey bar 1-8, and then we have a 3x8 bag to work with. For my main slots, I normally roll with:

Torch, Axe, Mace, Hammer, Bow, Shield, Pick, Health potion

I would argue you can’t really leave home without that or some similar setup based on weapon preference. Sure you could go without a torch, but it can be really helpful at times when dungeon delving to find those extra pieces of loot. I suppose you could craft a Hammer quick whenever you need to repair that boat, or make a quick campfire/workbench when out and about, but that just adds tedium that shouldn’t be necessary and upsets the flow of the game.

Then we add in armor that you will always want to equip as you progress:

Cape, Helm, Chest, Legs

You will almost always want these with you:

Weight belt, Wishbone

Then add in the miscellaneous things you normally need later in the game:

Arrows, Food x3, Resist Potion (cold or poison)

Hoe (to bail out of bad terrain/situations along with pick)

I normally carry an extra set of arrows, just in case, and a backup pick and maybe another weapon type for when you need to change them up (AE hammer or maybe a spear or knife). Sure, I could make tough decisions and leave something home, but it helps to have the tools you need to combat what you encounter while you are out and about, and is nice to at least have some flexibility in combat and for harvesting as you travel.

That leaves 9 slots to carry items you find? If you go through the swamp you can’t carry each type of item. Heck even in a crypt you have to choose things to leave behind because there are so many types of valuable to sell (gold, amber, amber balls, ruby, coins). That blows 5 slots just to bring money back and what about the important items you are there to farm? I am fine with the weight limit, and even the no metal through portal rules, but man they are really on the edge with the inventory slot limit as you progress towards the end game and that adds more frustration than anything right now for me.

Here are some ideas I came up with just brainstorming:

Make equipped armor not take an inventory slot (add paper doll or something for managing it?)

Add a quiver slot, or quiver you can make, for arrows separate from main inventory to allow at least 2 stacks of arrows? 4 sounds about right so you can have simple ones for normal hunting and maybe a high damage special type for the biome you are heading to.

Perhaps have a separate storage for food; you use 3 types and it is hard coded into the game mechanics so maybe have a dedicated inventory for the 3 you are actively using and add some UI hotkeys to eat Food 1-3.

Allow a gem/coin bag to store all money related items. It is cool to have a variety, but don’t penalize us inventory slot wise to be able to carry them all back.

I admit, I am a packrat and love saving everything, but it can be really annoying to be on the way to or back from a dungeon run and have no room for that valuable thistle you are always low on, or even resin for me lately, that I have to drop just so I can bring the dungeon loot back that I just got. I am not asking for unlimited slots, even though I probably wouldn’t complain, but just give us a few more to work with, especially if we need to carry so many money types, food, armor all the time in addition to other valuable items.

Yah I agree, I’m sure there will be/are mods for it, but never the less it would be nice for it to be a bit more thought out. I dislike when games give me really limited inventory, and then put too many drop types in a game. Given how this game works, there aren’t actually many things you should be leaving behind. Everything you come across has some real value, and it always sucks later down the road when you unlock some potion or other, and you find out you really should have been picking up all those thistles you saw. I’d say the game goes even beyond encouraging you to be a pack rat, you more or less have to, especially to survive the tougher biomes.

These are great ideas. I was thinking along similar lines over the weekend. I’m guessing the developers probably thought of doing stuff like this (they’re fairly standard features in this kind of game), but had to table their ideas so that they could release what they had. Adding a mount (horse, or some sort of mythical beast) with its own inventory, and more chest options would also make sense to me.

Yep, should be No.1 priority. It not just take up slots. It’s kind of awkward how you you can tell what you are wearing and not wearing.

Yep, a pouch would be great for valuables.

Also… how about just a bigger chest? I mean storage halls look cool and all but 'd rather just have chest that can really hold things… maybe give me a way to paint it too.

Totally agree, and the inventory bloat is real. Even the item that raises your carry limit takes a slot. ARGGGHH.

I have learned to love the portal.

Once you have a few dungeon clear, and later a mob, you will get a steady supply of cores. Dwarf eyes are dang near infinite. Fine wood is more limited, but still plentiful. And you can break down unused portals.

On my new save, solo, no cheat, no help, no using other save, items from friend challenge. I make mini outposts everywhere. Then expand out clearing in a circle around them. Put a chest (or three) at the portal, and enough items to give some rested buff. Not max buff, but enough that you will be full of inventory before you run out. Then ferry everything to chests, and when the area is cleaned out portal back everything but metal. Optional (break portal) and run it back with last load of any metal. Or if metal out, decon portal and pack it to move a days walk further out.

This gets more useful when you start using items that require upgraded forges to sharpen. Portal-Sharp-Portal back.

Once I’m done with this self challenge I am definitely looking up a store to nearby boxes button. A harvest all plants in range would also be nice as hands are going arthritic now.

There is a bigger chest … you mean a bigger bigger chest?

Most of my outposts just look like this:

Workbench, portal, maybe a chest for temporary storage, and just enough walls to surround it.

I’ve got a farming base in the Plains now, but that’s just a big stone walled box to fit crops. With a portal up and the ease of skipping home to drop stuff off and get the rested buff I usually don’t build any shelter in my portal outposts.

When I was doing my mountain expeditions, I’d take enough material for two portals with me. One to set up at shore by the boat and the other to take with me up mountain to temporarily drop when I needed to pop back and unload or repair my pickaxe. I figured if this porta-portal that I’d just drop in the open was destroyed while I was home I had the walled in one by the coast to use.

A random portal tip in case it wasn’t obvious to everyone, you only need to have two connected portals when you are actually using them. You can leave portals all over and just have one portal at your base that you switch the name on when you want to go somewhere. You don’t need to have a whole wall of portals at your base to have lots of destination options unless you are flush with cores and just want to.

Can you take carts through portals?

Yep, I do like a couple of permanently labeled ones though. Any main bases, usually 1-2, the zone in & altar point (handy for visitors), and the trader.

I do the comfort at mining spots, as I’ll be dropping into chests and not sharpening most of the trips to chest. Comfort on both sides of portal means I’m enough rested buff without stopping to get the buff. But you’re right on an inland explore portal yours is perfect. My coast explore ones, and probably yours, are only a tad bigger to keep the boat. Unless you do the park offshore and swim thing.

Sadly no. But you can go through fast? You can take cart mats. Boat mats too.

You only need a workbench for cart and karve. And both can be broken down to mats with an axe. They are more “portable” pun intended than they first appear.

I was too tired last night to start the remodeling project I want to do at my home location, I want to add a second story, expand the stockade walls outward, build some beehives, farm plot and maybe a boar pen, and rough in a dock for when I eventually build a karve for sailing. But I need to do some serious woodcutting and ore smelting before all of that happens, which is what I have been doing the past couple of sessions, and I needed a break.

So I decided to go exploring. I put all my materials into storage, forged a bronze sword to go with my bronze shield so I could look like a proper adventurer, stocked up on boar legs, neck tails and berries, and headed off into the unknown. My goal was to continue south further into the Black Forest that I’ve been mining and adventuring in, hugging the coast to see how far it extended and if I could outline that part of my island as I suspected the southern peninsula eventually connected back with the area I started the game in to the north and west.

I was correct, after much Black Forest I emerged into new Meadows, which made up the southernmost point of the peninsula. Off in the far distance (way too far to swim) I could see more land, perhaps another island, but without a boat it will remain a mystery for now. I turned northward, back into the Black Forest but now on the opposite (west) coast from where my home lies. Along the way I dodged trolls (not taking any chances at getting killed so far from home) slew many dwarves and skeletons and discovered several burial chambers, wrecked longboats and other points of interest (all duly noted on my map for follow-up some other time). I built little beach huts a couple of times to rest, heal and cook more food. I finally connected back up with the “bay” area I started in, and spent the night back in my first home near Eikthyr’s summoning stones. The next morning I decided to scout further west, thinking the other side of the bay area would just be another peninsula of land like the one I’d just outlined to the east (where my current home lies). 45 minutes later I was still scouting south and west, as apparently my starting island is more like a starting continent. That land I saw to the west when standing at the tip of the peninsula was actually the coastline I’m now exploring, as the starting area extended far further to the south than I thought. So far the only biomes I have uncovered are Meadows, Black Forest and a decent sized region of Mountain in the center of the area I’ve explored so far. I ended up repairing a beach shack I found and quitting for the night, I’m not sure I should continue exploring given how far from home I’ve traveled, as corpse recovery could prove very time consuming.

Get home and focus on getting materials for portals so home is never far away. Then work on that boat.

Can’t you just build beds along the way?

We have three homes on our map, beds in each. Just assign it to yourself when your in the area. House can be simple too, just some walls and a bed.

Very handy! I do wish you could sleep in beds without having to set the spawn point though, sometimes I just want to pass the night.

How does sleeping to pass time even work in multiplayer?

Sleep begins when everyone has laid down in bed. Until then, time passes normally. And I agree, it would be nice to be able to sleep in a bed that isn’t a spawn point.

I build tiny outposts in my excursions and explorations as well. It slows things down significantly, but seems to be worth doing. I don’t like long-distance corpse runs, and my biggest fear is losing track of where an important grave is if I’ve died again while trying to reach it.

The game maps are HUGE. You’ll see.

Unless you have a “Sorry! I’ll be building all night! One or two …” Then everyone just lays there in bed while time passes normally all night. Makes sense.

Good point. I play alone, so what little I know about multiplayer I gleaned from streams I was watching when I still thought controller support was too limited. (Turns out I just didn’t try hard enough, and was confused by a couple of button hints that may be mislabeled.)

It’s impossible to get the boys, well man and boy, to actually sleep. I just craft at night while the big one usually gets himself squished in the dark and the little one raids all our chests while “just looking.”

I cant get the rain to stop putting out my campfire. IO tried raising the ground. Putting Core Logs down on the floor (apparently that trick no longer works).

I used Scalacube because it was rated number by some article I read. You are welcome to join my son and me on our server if you want to try it out (PM me for the server ID and instructions of how to join my server). They say that about 5 player on a server is the perfect number. The server can hold ten.

If anyone else wants to give it a go let me know.

I did not load any mods as I am not sure how to do that on the server.

They actually offer a one player server for free. If you want backups they charge a one time payment of ten dollars (that is for both the free one or multi). The paid version is 15 dollars per month. I figure it is like playing an MMO but not so much if you consider that my son and I are playing together. I also created a Discord for notes and talking while playing. It is a ton of fun.