Valheim - a viking multiplayer exploration and survival game by Coffee Stain

Too late! But tbh I cheesed him/her/it by excavating around the altar area so it couldn’t get off and just had to dodge the vines while I arrowed it to death.

Re the inventory size - yes that is a major pita.

Over the weekend I finally quit procrastinating and killed The Elder. Died once early on trying to figure out the best tactics that didn’t involve cheesing him with holes in the ground or other similar stuff. A few stamina and healing meads and around 250 fire arrows later and he fell. I actually ran out of fire arrows and was using flint arrows at the end, and I nearly ran out of those (had 7 left) and was preparing to try to charge in with my axe for the last few HP if need be. Glad I didn’t have to try that.

I then moved to my Swamp base pictured above and began exploring. Found a fire spout, which I made into a core/coal farm, not far from my home. A little past that I found my first Sunken Crypt. I must be really lucky, as it is enormous. I have already mined enough iron scraps from it to craft scale armor chest and legs, an iron sword and an iron pick, and I’m not even halfway done clearing all of the piles inside yet. I may craft the banded shield next, as some draugr hit hard enough that my bronze buckler doesn’t absorb all of the damage. I hate giving up that 2x block modifier for 1.5x though, as with the iron sword I do crazy damage after every block. Still, every HP counts in the swamp (damn poison!) so better to need an extra swing and remain at full HP than to live dangerously I guess.

I finally finished clearing out the first Sunken Crypt near my swamp base. I pulled enough scrap iron from that one crypt to upgrade my forge to level 4 (Forge Tools), craft iron scale armor and legs, then upgrade both to tier 2, iron sword (2), banded shield (3), iron pickaxe (2), and an iron axe, with several ingots left over. I also pulled up lots of withered bones and found the stone to reveal the location of Bonemass (looks like I’ll need to sail there).

I explored the surrounding area a bit and discovered another sunken crypt just steps away from the first one. This one looks to be smaller though. My surtling farm has been supplying a steady stream of cores and coal, and so far none of the swamp creatures seem to be too terribly deadly so long as I remember to have my poison resist active and watch my food levels. Crafting the upgraded iron armor early has helped a lot with this.

I also encountered my first Wraith. I was fighting some leeches and something huge appeared behind my shoulder, looming there and making a weird noise. Turned around to find the wraith, who was dead three iron sword strokes later. I now have 3 chains…need one more to craft the bellows for my forge.

That does sound like an amazing first crypt.

Disaster in the Swamp!

Things were going great, as mentioned in the above post, but then I got bored and decided to do a recon trip around the edges of the swamp to map the borders and discover any additional crypts and landmarks. That went fairly well until I attempted to cross back through the center of the swamp territory. I ran across a stone circle that I thought had a single draugr spawner and a couple of draugr, so I trotted up, started bashing the draugr and suddenly heard “Arrrrggg…arrrggg” followed immediately by “Clack! Clack!” and then Thwack!Thwack!Thwack!..and I’m staring at my own gravestone. Turns out the stone circle contained TWO draugr spawners AND two skeleton spawners and they all popped out archers as soon as I set foot in the circle.

No worries I figured, I have a full set of bronze armor as my backup, plus bronze sword and shield and plenty of food and poison resist potions in my go chest by the door at my swamp base. How hard can this recovery be? Turns out that stone circle was only one of FIVE stone circles arranged around the center of the swamp, each one with multiple spawners and all within close enough range of one another that attempting to flee from one would draw adds from the next one over. I discovered all this, much to my dismay, over my next three deaths. I used up all my iron reserves crafting armor and a sword when it became obvious that bronze equipment wasn’t going to cut it on this recovery mission. Died and lost that too, then put together a set of fresh bronze and old trollhide, and died again. Finally I was down to freshly crafted trollhide armor (I was out of metal, and the sneak bonus helped me get in close to the circles before becoming archery practice for skeles and draugr) when I was able to recover most of my original items from my original gravestone (using the corpse run buff from a different gravestone nearby). Then I began the slow process of reaping my vengeance. I worked my way, circle by circle, using the Eikthyr power, stamina and healing meads, and my original upgraded iron armor and sword/shield to charge in, lay waste to the spawners, and clean up stragglers after. The center circle, where I had apparently wandered into the first death, had a two star draugr archer with a unique patterned kilt-looking thing. He was like a mini-boss, he did damage even through my block from my upgraded banded shield, and he took multiple hits from my upgraded iron sword to take down.

In the end I lost a good 90+ minutes of game time to the recovery, and who knows how many skill levels that will take time to earn back. I know at least two of my deaths were not on the “No Skill Drain” timer. It was worth it though, as now that swamp is fully mapped, the stone circles stand silent, all guardians eradicated, and I uncovered a total of 8 crypts, of which I am still only halfway through the 3rd one. I’ve got a couple more upgrades to do, then I am going to stash a lot of iron for later. You can see on the map below the site of my last death (#4 I think) which is pretty much the area where the 5 stone circles were grouped together. For a game that supposedly generates areas proceduraly, that sure felt like a hand-crafted boss-level experience in the middle of a random swamp.

Awesome work, sounds like an epic adventure! Grats on getting your stuff back.

I’ve been slowly making my way via co-op with a friend, and we just got to our first swamp this evening. We took down The Elder over the weekend.

I really like the transitions to new areas in this game. Seems the perfect balance of fun and challenge.


I played a bit more solo last night, and took down The Elder in that game too. I died once when I got lifted up in some roots, flayed by vines, and then dropped to my death.

Lesson learned, we came back and whittled the beast down. Excited to build a boat and try to find some swamps in this game too.

As much as I enjoy the current level of exploration and discovery in the game, I think there could be so much more done with this aspect. I hope they lean into it as they build more content.

So friends how is this solo? I seeing screenshots of it and it looks GORGEOUS but if it’s a game where you can’t enjoy it unless others are involved, I’m far less interested in it. Thank you.

Its like Conan - if you can enjoy yourself and find your own goals in a vast world, the game is really, really great. If you need a series of set goals, less so.

I’ve only reached the second biome myself, but sofar its imminently soloable with no issues - go for it!

I played it solo, its fine in my opinion. Most biomes have a boss fight so there is something to work towards. The real question in my opinion is whether you’ll have fun with the creative side of things on your own because that is a large chunk of the game.

Wait, there’s mulitplayer?

(In other words, yes, fine solo)

I’ve got two games going, one is two-player co-op where we are working together one to two times a week. The other is a solo game. I’m enjoying both immensely.

Bosses are harder alone, for sure, but with preparation and planning they feel manageable.

I’m taking a very slow approach on this. In both of my games, I’m just past the second boss.

Co-op multiplayer is also incredibly chill and easy to set up. My life doesn’t work with multiplayer, but this is so easy to manage playing with a friend that I’ve found it’s been possible to make it work.

Top notch. Yet to play it any other way. It may be better building stuff with friends, I don’t know. :)

Very fun solo, pacing and progression are great. It’s tough enough that you really do have to prepare for new areas/boss fights, but the challenge isn’t insurmountable solo. The game is like living in an oil painting, very enjoyable experience.

@BrianRubin I have only played Valheim solo and have put a ridiculous amount of hours into it thus far without getting bored yet. It has a set cycle of resource gathering, exploration and building while you also upgrade your equipment and learn the strategies for defeating the creatures in each biome, then you fight the boss of the biome, defeat it, and move on to the next biome, starting the explore/gather/build/upgrade/learn cycle over again. Bonus, you can build cool ships that are fun to sail and listen to stirring Viking sailing music while doing so! I highly recommend.

Been hanging out in the swamp the past few sessions. I died a couple more times, once because I got careless with food/poison-resist. Folks, the swamp is no joke on 38 health with no poison resist, one swipe from a blob and you’ll watch helplessly as those health points tick down to zero while all you can do is find a relatively easy place for corpse recovery. The other death was to the thing that most often kills me, exploration. I thought maybe there would be one more crypt hidden up in the mostly empty coastal part of my current large swamp area, but all I found there were many skeletons, draugr, leeches and oozes, which eventually led to me getting swarmed and dying.

On the bright side, with 3 of 7 crypts fully looted, I decided to build a portal on a little patch of dry land roughly in the center of the 4 remaining crypt locations. While I can’t bring my scrap iron back home through the portal, it does cut down drastically on travel time from home to the crypts, as they’re all located on the other side of the swamp from my home and ore processing setup. I’ve squirreled away 150 iron with 2.5 crypts left to loot, so I’m hoping to surpass 200 iron in reserve by the time I am ready to take on the next boss. So far I’ve found two location stones for Bonemass, and both point to the same location in uncharted territory across the ocean, so I’m going to use some of that iron for nails to build a longship for the journey.

I’ve completely looted all of the crypts in the large swamp near my ore processing base. Upgraded my iron armor to max, banded shield to max and iron sword to 3, plus made the huntsman’s bow and upgraded it to 3. Before I sail for lands unknown to tackle Bonemass (the only location I ever received for him from 3 separate stones was way off to the east across uncharted ocean) I decided to poke my head into the Mountain biome as there is a decent sized one right near my swamp/ore processing base. I was able to take on wolves and drakes without issue (had the frost resist mead active) and discovered my first drops from both as well as some obsidian and a dragon egg. Going to need the wishbone to find silver of course, but at least I know I can survive OK in the biome.

Drakes were pests though, I killed three in the first encounter (over the nest with the egg) and it was mostly just waiting for them to hover, pinging them with an iron arrow, then dodging their breath attack. It takes me three hits to kill one. But once I killed them, it seemed like another drake would show up every 30 seconds or so, just one, and I’d have to stop what I was doing and take care of it. Is this how it is in the Mountains ('cause that’s going to be annoying), or was it just because I was still close to the nest which I assume acts as a non-destructibe spawn point for drakes?

It’s destructible by taking the egg. The toughest creature in the Mountains are the Golems.

Hmmm…I took the egg, but drakes kept coming. I wonder if there was another nest close by then. Thanks!