Valheim - a viking multiplayer exploration and survival game by Coffee Stain

I have not noticed a performance dip, but you might want to try this tip if you play fullscreen:

So my base on the wanderers server has been broken into despite having an idol. Everything of value has been taken. It is interesting that there is a broken gate in the outer wall, and a broken wall at the exact spot where the idol used to be, and the idol is gone. Guess there’s a way to destroy things.

Anyway, just want to say a hearty fuck you to whoever that was. And yes, I know that probably just makes you feel even better you fuck.

That’s weird, there are so few people on there eh? I’ve only been on once, built a little starter home near the first portal/base, so haven’t been on long enough to see any real activity in terms of people. Are there any server logs that shows who’s been on? There must be some way to figure out how/who.

I can see one of the problems in this game being looting actually, considering how they have your character set up in terms of keeping what’s in your inventory regardless of what server you are on. I suppose you could just troll the internet looking for servers to go steal stuff from, but at that point, why not just use the console and save yourself the trouble?

Well, that sucks. I won’t be playing there, that’s for sure.

I can change the password for the server so that the information is not widely known, and can PM that info to people who may want to play. That feels a lot less welcoming and presents a barrier to folks who want to try multiplayer out, but might be preferable to losing days worth of materials. Will think about what to do, and please, if you have played on the server, let me know what you would prefer. I pay for this server so that people can play together in a co-op PvE setting, so it feels a lot like when my car was broken into the first time. Just dirty.

Ah, I didn’t realize you were the admin! That really sucks in particular then, I get what you mean about the car broken into feel. I’m not actively playing yet but I think keeping a lid on the password like that might be a good idea. Unfortunate stuff like that is necessary, but it’s the internet so whaddya gonna do.

From what I have read about Wards they and the structures around them can be damaged/destroyed by other player’s weapons, even ones who are not on the Ward’s access list. It sounds like someone chopped down your wall and then destroyed your ward, allowing them to then open your chests and make off with everything. Not cool at all, I am sorry that happened to you.

The suggestion I saw that made the most sense was to bury the ward. Dig a hole, create the ward, then place it in the hole and fill the space above it and level the ground. Then you can even place something over it like a kiln or whatever. Far less likely people will go through the trouble of digging up your whole base to find the ward.

I’ve changed the password for the server. Please PM me if you want the password and I will be happy to share it. IP remains the same.

Burying the ward does make sense, or building in a way that makes it hard to find. Shame a co-op PvE game can’t be made safer from assholes. I play a lot of PvP games and like them, including full loot and destruction of player crafted structures, but Valheim is not one of those games.

So I don’t play on this server. I do a private one, but my understanding based on what the game is telling me is you save characters and you save worlds. This game will still attract part of the PvP crowd because they’re not happy unless other people are miserable. That group can just join any server, raid and take it back to theirs right?

Yes. You keep everything in your inventory, regardless of servers. It opens up quite a few shenanigans.

That sucks. I can see why raiders would be born of this for any server that’s not password protected.

I also don’t know what a ward is, but we’re just running a private server that isn’t even up unless I am on.

I read an interview with these guys, and it sounding like they considered the online stuff part of their weakness on the team. I wonder if can consider some server settings that maybe doesn’t allow someone to damage any player made buildings until a certain amount of time on the server to alleviate the problem for servers that want to be open but not have that problem.

Do you need to create a server even to play the game solo?

The ‘keep everything in your inventory’ thing really goofs up quite a bit of the game…so I’m not sure what they are going to do to change that. If they just made that ward actually work, it would solve the raiding problem.


We put a lot of stuff in our chests though. Then again, we have a six year old who is more of a resource drain than an adult player, but he still wants to make things instead of being given things so he cutely raids the chests.

I was able to just fire it up and play. I imagine that might be what’s going on but if so it’s all behind the curtain and not something you need to concern yourself with.

Confessions of an (ex-)Dedicated Server Host

Yes that is one way to break idol protection. My brother and I tested that when I was debating whether to continue to host a dedicated online server. Someone can also punk you if you don’t have an idol and put one tied to them in your house. So it is probably a good thing they are destructable right now. Also they are tied to a single person. So our server’s shared resource and workshop area had no tool to allow access to seven people only, but no one else.

My son loves to build and loves to invite everyone he knows to the server to see his stuff. We had a portal ring at the visitor spawn point with portals to every regular player’s house, and to a shared workshop and the trader. Lots of infrequent guests would log in for the trader. I thought about changing the password on a regular basis, but decided that wasn’t strong enough.

Also with the netcode of last week, server roll backs (data did not commit, not I went back a save) were almost hourly if six to eight people were on. Bugs were more common, and the F5 console limits dedicated server admins to ban/unban and force save, and maybe lod distance. So I couldn’t roll back a server save without forcing other players to lose more progress. I also lacked tools to quickly compensate for bugs. Many times players lost the contents of a chest they stored in the previous 5 minutes.

This all started to lead to drama with a couple of players who were either just frustrated, or in two other cases had no idea what “server” meant and thought as server owner I could “fix everything” and “caused the bad performance”. And Iron Gate is who locked F5/imacheater, not me, on dedicated servers. At least as of last weekend. Several players had come from more advanced solo games and all corpse runs were done using console cheats. So they were very unprepared to play without them.

The most recent patch where Iron Gate is clearly reworking the dedicated server netcode, surprises me none. I decided to not host, for now. And when I explained to the group why (it was the day before the netcode patch) all but the ones who didn’t understand “server” agreed. Then the patch hit, and the lightbulb went on for the the two less technical.

IMHO, the dedicated server is not ready for prime time hosting for more than 2-3 people and no guests. When it is ready, I’ll reconsider hosting one for a group of 6+.

However, running the single player exe and opening it up as a server ad hoc on the start page seems to work pretty well. Assuming your machine and internet connection can manage the extra demand. And the security issues go away. Password is per session, when you log off so does the data. You can make a hard copy back up of your save before less known guests arrive.

And to me the solo exe seems far less buggy. But maybe that’s because I was dealing with nine people’s bugs and added issues from net sync problems, and now I’m back to only bugs I personally encounter.

I enjoy the game and look forward to actually playing it now I’m not trying to run a dedicated server!

No you do not. And as an added bonus, you can invite people to your single player game, per session.

To do that, quit out to the menu. Restart your single payer game, and click server and community and enter a password. Your friend must be a Steam friend. Then they filter the community list using the Friends button, and click you to join you on your computer.

When you are done exit back to menu, or just log off. The next time you start the button will default back to unset (solo no guests). The password is not saved.

We have found this works fairly well.

This is what I do. I just create a world, throw in a password, and invite or actually I think Steam Friends just let’s them see it. They can enter the password I put in there.

I do notice a little bit of a performance hit now and then. I am not sure from what, but so far it’s minimal and the game doesn’t seem so intense that once an hour or so that happens is a game breaker.

Is there a distance limit from host joining someones game or can you be at opposite sides of the map? (Ark and Conan both have limits)

You always join at the default game start spawn in point when you join the first time.

If you have been in that instance before, you spawn in where you logged off, and there seems to be no limit. Or at least we haven’t hit it and we have three map explorer types heading waaaaaay out fast.