Valheim - a viking multiplayer exploration and survival game by Coffee Stain

Sailed across to where the next boss is to scout things out and build a forward base.

Came across a ruined village inhabited by Dragur. Backed right out of there.

Trees might be the most dangerous thing in the early part of the game. If the one you cut down falls the wrong way it can take others with it and I was running like Frogger, trying to dodge a tree cascade.

Can confirm. Have been killed twice by falling trees, which is 50% of my deaths so far. First time the falling tree hit another tree and the end kicked back on to me. The second time I didn’t notice that the small fir I was chopping down was the only thing holding back a log upslope from me. There was a bit of comic running as I realized too late what I had done.

Protip: You can use a 1x1 floor piece to put a shelf on a wall right above a chest and then put another chest on that shelf.

So I accidentally summoned the heavy metal deer which I think is the first boss. It happened because the boss shrine was marked and the shrine I additionally discovered wasn’t. I thought making an offering there would get me something nice but I got the heavy metal boss deer. I stood no chance. Now I have leather armor but still just the basic club and bow (level 3). Can I beat it? What else do I need?
I really like that the summoned boss is now roaming the forest. Choices and consequences! Also great: tree physics, hunting and that you don’t need to cook, eat, sleep or make fire excessively.

Spent a little time today expanding my black forest fortress. Built a second floor on the house and cut into the mountainside a bit to expand the grounds to make room for a garden, beehives, and future expansion.

That looks great! I had a few things I didn’t know when I built my base, so its all crooked and wrong and I think I’ll start it over again
For instance, I didn’t know the workbench decided the building radius, and mines right next to a lake.

I just used my spear and leather armor and kited it. It took quite some time, but worked out well.

In Conan Exiles if you ran your own server you could go into settings to speed up resource gathering quanties/rates. Is that possible with Valheim? Or are the default rates reasonable/tolerable?

You can have more than one workbench. I dropped a second one down to complete the walls.

Yeah - I built a second workbench just outside my main base for my pig farm.

Resources don’t respawn the same way as in conan. Large trees and metal ore don’t respawn at all. Smaller trees do respawn, and logs on the ground seem to respawn as well. I haven’t had to cut a large tree down yet - have been able to get all the wood I need from fallen logs and small trees. Also, I have collected a few seeds along the way that I would assume can be planted to grow trees, but not sure if they become large or stay as the smaller models.

The world is really big, and moving isn’t that burdensome, so you can either gather on a different island or move to one with a temporary base as needed. I have heard that there are portals at some point in the crafting tree that might also make this less difficult.

On a different note, had a really great adventure last night exploring the swamp biome with a friend. Neither of us were really ready for it, and we fought hard to collect some materials, unlock some recipes, and just not get steamrolled. Set up a temporary base to respawn at that I’m sure has been wiped out now, but served its purpose. Haven’t ever had a gaming session quite like that and it was awesome.

Trees do grow large. I actually witnessed one suddenly expand in size. IIRC it was a fir that I planted.

I’ve been marking on the map all the spots I’ve found berries or mushrooms. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen berries grow back after a few days. Either that or I somehow missed some the first time. Not sure if existing bushes grow new berries or new bushes grow. The area I re-harvested definately had fewer berries the second time around.

Berries do respawn - takes a while, but they do. Not sure on shrooms.

I am a bit stuck in my game, since the two dungeons I’ve found had 7 cores in them total. The first one had 2.

So, I am thinking - with all the less respawning going on, I have a way around it, but its rather annoying.

  1. Make new world for my character
  2. Go in there, run a dungeon or two
  3. Go back to my old world.

This can be done a thousand times - same with the non-respawning stuff.

Am I missing something? This cant be how its meant to be. I do understand its early access and all that, but some resources seem quite scarce.

Early on you can make coal by overcooking meat. I used my first cores to make a smelter and then did a lot of deer hunting. I’d recommend using your first bronze to make an axe so you can chop down those trees that earlier indicated you need something sharper. Also there are a lot of burial mounds in the black forest.

I confirmed shrooms do seem to respawn. One of the places I marked on the map had them again. I’d guess it was at least five days later.

I have the thing you can use to mount stuff to walls now. Perhaps this will ward off the trolls.

Also, new boat.

Stopped by a shoreline to mine some tin and a troll showed up. “Don’t get off the boat!”

Once it was too deep for him to follow me I peppered him with arrows. Unfortunately loot don’t float.

When did you generate your world? Apparently there was a recent(?) hotfix that addressed core spawns in the burial mounds. Was not retroactive from what i’ve read.

In my Sunday generated world ive been in 2 mounds, one had 4, the second had 8.

If you only have two burial mounds on the starting island, you can sail to a closeby island that has the black forest biome and likely find further burial mounds there. It’s a really big world.

Or make a new seed as you mentioned.

Wow, this looks way cool! May have to check this out!

My future breakfast has feelings for me.

This helped a lot! Thanks! I had totally overlooked that there was a spear.
…and plus a tower shield there wasn’t even much need for kiting. Now I am big fan of the slow, heavily armed Viking.

oh…A few days ago? I bought the game almost after launch.