Valkyria Chronicles 4 confirmed


Really? I played the first one last year (and upon rereading the thread I discover it was 2 years ago), and thought it was fantastic. I knew there were sequels, but never any I could play. So I was hoping this would be good.


The “game this thread is about” is Valkyria Revolution, which is an dynasty warriors style slash-em-up, I think? But also pretty bad.

VC 2 was highly compromised because of the PSP. VC3 was better, but subject to many of the same issues as VC2, however the story was better, and there was enough extra content that it no longer felt overly repetitive.

There was an easy to use VC3 translation patch which, while not perfect, was entirely playable.

In order to fully enjoy the series though, you do have to enjoy the “anime garbage”, because that’s as much a part of the franchise as the tactics gameplay.


Also, and I know that it’s part of the franchise and all, but as time goes on and we get more games, it starts to seem like Gallia was just lousy with secret Valkyria.

I guess that they could have all been dormant for centuries, and then all their powers re-awakened at the same time due to the war. But still.


Well, I was hoping for this but wasn’t particularly optimistic.


A PC release?? My day just got brighter.


Yeah, one of the podcasts mentioned Sega had confirmed it.


So just to be clear, 2 is forever stuck on PSP and 3 never got a US release nor was it ported to PC. Is that right?


Yes, with the added note that 3 was also PSP only.


Thanks. Anything I’ll really miss story-wise by skipping those two?


I don’t think so. VC2 was set at a military academy after the Second Europan War, and VC4 is set during, so there wouldn’t be much connection there.

VC3 was explicitly about a “Black Ops” division, whose activities were secret during the war, so they probably won’t have much direct connection. I assume there will be some cameos from favorite VC3 characters, but that’s about it. There’s another Valkyrie introduced in 3, who could show up I guess, but none of the characters are particularly important.


Thanks! That’s great to know - I loved the first game, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this one has to offer.


Yes, you would be not missing anything : VC2 was a huge turd, both storywise and gameplay wise (on top of the limitations discussed here previously, the gameplay was to grind the same missions over and over to get random military awards so you can level up your team. The guy who designed this was a complete ass).


New demo out, apparently.


Downloading it to my Switch now.


Yeah, this one is very similar to VC1 that we’ve all played. In fact it takes place at the same time as VC1 and you’re fighting with a different squad in the same war. The game play is almost identical to 1, but with a couple of added features and 1 new class. The DLC, available at first to collector’s edition buyers, is recruitable characters from VC1.

Super happy that this is coming to PC too. Day 1 buy for me.

Here’s a good video of some of the devs talking about it while demoing it.


I’ve pre-ordered the collectors edition sight unseen (as penance for my…irregularly sourced copy of VC3 to play the fan translation), so I think I’ll just skip the demo. The few impressions I’ve read have been “it’s pretty much like VC1, with some tweaks”, which is fine with me.


You know, I’ve started VC1 twice. I love the aesthetic, the story seems good, characters are fine, and the combat system seems rather clever, but I keep bouncing off of it.


Me, too, on both counts. Though I am disappointed that it seems they didn’t address the scoring/XP system, in which speed is the only thing that matters. If, say, Advance Wars can rate based on more than just how fast you complete a mission, why can’t VC?


I enjoyed what I’ve played of the Switch demo so far. Granted neither of the first two chapters were as good as the first two from VC1, but the gameplay itself is so solid I’m happy to play a version of it with somewhat less interesting maps. It looks like the demo allows you to play the third chapter so I’m hoping I get a good map next. However, I believe that the third chapter from VC1 was a city battle that was one of my favorites, so I don’t expect the trend to reverse itself just yet.

Although the Switch version seems more than fine, I will probably wait and get it for PC during the Steam winter sale because I assume it will be on sale for PC first and I don’t think I’ll have much time for it in the coming months anyway.


Yah, this was such a huge mis-step really. The “best” way through maps, was bypassing most of the fights, which was pretty silly.