Valorant - Riot Games’ Counterstrike Overwatch

Riot certainly has the technical know how, the servers and experience to deliver that kind of target.

If you’re a CS player, does this look appealing?

It depends on a whole lot of things, but that everything in that tweet is highly attractive to any CS player.

It’s basically a solid foundation for less technical frustration, but only if they get the rest right.

Found this which is a more detailed overview of a few rounds. It’s good that most of the abilities are basically utility with charges purchased, so it ties into the economy like grenades and such in cs.

Lots of potential. There are plenty of people (like me) who can’t hang with Overwatch because it’s not a shooter first and this very much seems to be exactly that.

This does look like it could indeed attract the CS:GO / Overwatch gamer segment. Seems to have a bit of both:

Closed beta starts Tuesday.

If you link your Riot account to Twitch and watch one of the official streams today (prerecorded) you can possibly get access. But they at one point had basically a million viewers and something like 25k “drops” to go around.

It is definitely leaning far more towards the CS spectrum all around and looks really damn smooth.

My son scored one - he is very excited.

Sweet. It definitely has a lot of potential. Possibly as the first game that isn’t actually CS to have a similar structure and what appears to be a rock solid foundation for competitive play.

Should be very interesting.

I have to say, it’s a horrible game to watch someone stream, imo.

Well I guess that depends on a few things. Watching pro csgo is a thing of beauty, but it’s a different animal than watching people pug even if it is say 5v5 groups and not random people.

This is even more random because it was literally day one of a limited pool of people trying to figure out characters so that muddies the waters further.

But it ultimately plays out on a round by round basis very similar to cs, so if you don’t like that you will definitely not dig it.

Allot would disagree. Its blown up on Twitch with 1.1 millions viewers on a Friday night. next closest game has 150K.

It’s new and basically every FPS streamer is playing it, so that’s not surprising.

I mean CS:GO still gets big numbers, but it’s horrific to watch imo.

Edit: Also there are drops for beta keys, so that’s going to drive up numbers.

That’s what I’ve heard. Lots of looking for an engagement, then engagements are short and no respawns

This and CS are fairly easy to digest, but it’s got a lot of subtle things happening. If you play either for a little bit then you will probably find it more interesting assuming you like it.

It’s speed chess with guns. Everything matters. Timing, utility use, economy, angles, setups and of course the actual shooty bits.

It runs fantastic and just as important their servers are absolutely rock solid. As of now they’re better than CSGO official servers.

It’s too early to say for sure, but they have a foundation with loads of potential. About 90% of it is cs with tweaks, but it’s enough to be different and done so well that I don’t think it’s a problem.

Tldr, if you don’t like cs you will probably not like it and that’s ok.

Edit- ESL Pro series has CSGO matches today and final tomorrow. Go watch on Twitch if you are at all interested in seeing high level play. The casters are decent at making clear some things that people might miss if they are not familiar.

I like everything about the game except the shooting mechanics. They are just like CS:GO which I know was the intent, but I never enjoyed the shooting in that game either. Shame really. Looks great and is solidly done. Sadly I also find it boring to watch so I can’t even enjoy it vicariously. Too much slow paced followed by bursts of stiff looking gunplay. I find Siege does the calm then burst feel of spectating better in the balance between the two plus the dynamic feel of the gunfights compared to Val and CS:GO.

I’m sure it will do well though because it very much captures the CS feel and tons of people do enjoy that.

Baby mode confirmed.

No blood in “major” tournaments.

I don’t see that mentioned?

I must be missing something. Your link takes me to the main page, and if I click on the news section and read the vague esports post I still am not seeing it.

I guess it wouldn’t really surprise me if it were true, but I find it a little odd if it was a blanket requirement.

Edit - It was tucked away in the Community Competition Guidelines pdf linked in their esports news blurb. I don’t think it’ll matter much, but I guess they’re aiming for a wider variety of sponsors and I assume being able to push esports in the Chinese market where blood is a no go.

I’ve watched some streaming of this and I don’t remember seeing much of any. Even if there is its so fast moving I doubt you ever notice.

This sounds good.

I haven’t really tried the settings, but I think there’s only really blood on head shots as a visual cue. So honestly if it’s just a different color or something that serves the same purpose from a gameplay standpoint.

I love how that article pretends to not tell you what to think while using the most unflattering trigger language the entire time. Valve shied away from more invasive anti cheat because of the optics, but there have already been multiple anticheats that run in a similar way. If Riot wants to spy on you they don’t need a kernel driver to do it.