Valorant - Riot Games’ Counterstrike Overwatch

I’ve been giving it a shot. I like it!

This game has made me realize very quickly how my twitch shooter days are long over.

They must be, as it is correct form to blame lag or cheaters for any loss in a fps.

It’s not an arena fps. You don’t usually need to be incredibly fast if you learn the angles.

Not to say that you are required to like it, but it really doesn’t require anything crazy aim wise.

It still takes some precision, but so far it feels like it is something learnable. I really really like the ‘stop and shoot’ model. None of this silly bunny-hopping gameplay.

Hopping around like a maniac is really easy in this, but you won’t be shooting people while doing it unless you’re right up in their face.

90% is just learning the angles, crosshair placement and using your ears and the minimap.

It’s off to a very good start honestly.


Riot gonna Riot.