VALUE! Get it if you haven't!

Standout Game Features:

3 games in one value pack; All 31 missions from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Desert Siege, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Island Thunder.
Over 100 hours of single-player gameplay.
Over 30 standard issue and prototype U.S. Army weapons, including the fearsome OICW.
16 multiplayer maps, 9 unique multiplayer modes, and 21 exclusive multiplayer weapons.

I grabbed this a few weeks ago, the missions are all awesome, and there’s 31 freaking missions! Plus all the cool stat upgrading, specialists, weapons, multiplayer crap, whooot! 40 bucks!!!

It’s great fun, though co-op mission mode tends to be a bit easy. However, the Defend mode is way cool, although insanely difficult on some maps.

Oh, yeah, there’s a single player game, too ;-)

Loyd Case

Lots and Lots of good single player :)

Ghost Recon is a complete waste of time in singleplayer, unless you’ve already bought and completed Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year edition. Only $27.90 and it includes both expansions and all patches up to 1.8 or 1.9 or so.

I concede that GR is probably superior in typical multiplayer modes due to OF’s weird “you can only join missions when they’re starting” multiplayer model… but it can’t touch co-op mode in OpFlash, either.


As close to War as you ever want to get. In the depths of the Cold War the unthinkable happened when Soviet renegades invaded the Malden Islands and the mighty USA answered the plea for freedom.
Penetrating ever deeper into million-selling Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis territory, comes Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year Edition.

Now raw recruits to the Flashpoint taskforce can lock and load for the impending conflict with just one complete package.

The award-winning game is fully loaded with every upgrade, add-on and expansion, including all vehicles, weapons and extra campaigns released to date.

The incredible value represented by the Game of the Year Edition will have Flashpoint rookies rushing to sign up in hordes.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

The most complex war game experience ever, it offers unprecedented freedom of action and use of any available vehicles with total immersion.

Play in three 60 million square feet high detail outdoor environments. Comandeer and drive over 30 vehicles including cars, tanks, helicopters, aircraft and boats.

Select from 11 player classes including Soldier, Anti-Tank Soldier, Anti-Aircraft Soldier, Grenadier, Medic, Officer, Sniper, Saboteur, Machine Gunner, Mortar Soldier and Mine Soldier.

Create mixed squads of Human and advanced AI-controlled players in any combination. Face off against players in one of three game modes, Single-player, Campaign and Multiplayer.

Red Hammer Expansion

The conflict still rages over the Malden Islands, but this time you experience it from a whole new angle in this complete new 20-mission Single Player Campaign.

The Malden Islands are under military protection and it’s up to you to ensure they stay snugly encircled by the arms of Mother Russia.

Take up the rifle of Dmitri Lukin, ex-Spetsnaz, busted to grunt for a stupid mistake. Using all your specialist skills and years of experience, stay alive long enough to redeem yourself in the sight of the USSR.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

The official expansion for Operation Flashpoint. Exciting singleplayer campaign on a new island with a new central character. New multiplayer missions.

Resistance is set years before Operation Flashpoint’s Cold War reached crisis point, and delivers a campaign which forms a prequel to the original game’s plot.

The game casts the player as Victor Troska, an experienced ex-Special Forces soldier. Having turned his back on his military past, Troska has settled into respectable civilian life on an island just a short distance from the original game’s three islands.

However, his situation changes when Soviet forces invade the island group, destroying Troska’s idyllic dreams.

Reluctant at first to return to a conflict situation, he is forced to participate in, and then lead, the ramshackle Resistance effort, which grows up in response to the Soviet occupation.

Exciting singleplayer campaign on the new island with a new central character, a compelling story, and additional gameplay elements.

Enhanced graphics, with support for higher resolution textures, improved trees and foliage. New 100km square island, featuring new buildings and models.

New weapons and vehicles. New multiplayer missions on the new island. Enhanced and optimized multiplayer code.

I didnt like Flashpoint. I dont want THAT much realism in my GAMES.

Operation Flashpoint is only one of the best first person shooters ever released. And certainly the first one to deliver totally open ended gameplay in a truly dynamic environment. It models an entire friggin’ ISLAND chain, for god’s sake.

As for your claim of excessive realism, OF is hardly less realistic than GR’s “if I can see your big toe protuding past the edge of the building, you’re instantly dead” single-player AI.

With the save-anywhere cheat (numpad minus, then type SAVEGAME) and time compression, OpFlash is totally accessible. Unless maybe you were expecting Serious Sam.


No, I was expecting you to reply with something intelligent, but this is standard Wumpus fare. Thanks for playing.

Well, whatever. For MP, you’re better off putting that $40 toward a copy of Raven Shield, in my opinion.

And for SP, there’s no contest: Operation Flashpoint is a revelation. It’s probably the single most innovative FPS game I’ve ever played.


not to be a cock, but if you think so little of wumpus, why would you expect him to reply with something intelligent?

Hurp burp clicking the clean gun button, spending 10 hours crawling around.

we are the space robots. we are here to save you from the terrible secret of space.

i am the pusher robot. do not trust the shover robot. i am here to protect you from the terrible secret of space.

I love SP in FP, but couldn’t get past the stupid vehicle missions. I finished the orginal, but never went for the second. Did they ever do anything about the vehicles in the sequal?

Raven Shield is everything that Ghost Recon should have been.

spending 10 hours crawling around.

Which is where the time compression comes in handy… along with the numpad minus, SAVEGAME save anywhere cheat. It really makes the game a heck of a lot more, erm, “fun”. This is sort of a side effect of having a map that spans an entire island, too.

I guess I don’t see OF singleplayer as that much more demanding or difficult than GR, where you’re always one millisecond away from dying due to a cross-map headshot from the uber lame AI.


wumpus, did you read Blue’s News today?

Considering that you have such a hard-on for both Vietcong and OF, you oughta be one happy camper…

And for what? An entire island chain rendered at such a fat grid that it makes the ground into a section of flat tables that makes infantry far too easy to kill.

This might be acceptable if the tank and air portions of the game were realistic or fun, but they’re not. They’re unrealistic and needlessly complex.

For whatever reason I just couldn’t stand Ghost Recon. I really can’t put into words why I didn’t like it, but it was out the door pretty quickly.

Interesting. For quite a while there was a promisng Vietnam mod for OF in the works, but it died. Glad to see I’ll still get my fix!

I’d have to agree with you 100% there, Flashpoint really changed what I expect a first person game to be. I have so many fond memories of that game it’s crazy. Like the time my entire team got shot up and I had to complete the mission by crawling because I couldn’t stand up. And this was one of the longer missions where I had to infiltrate a city and meet up with some tanks. Man, it’s been a long time since I was so captured by a game. For quite some time all you heard around my household was me talking up my latest Flashpoint exploits. And don’t get me started on the multiplayer! Ripping through a city in a jeep while people take pot shots at you is classic.

That said, they could have cut out a number of the missions. I would rather have 25 great missions than 25 great, and another 15 so-so, and 10 crappy ones(not exact figures mind you).

I"m not sure they’re the same game. Ghost Recon has much more expansive levels, and firefights often occur at longer ranges. It simulates squad level combat.

Raven Shield simulates tactical spec-ops work in close quarters.

I think they’re both good, but are different classes of game.
We’ve been playing a little Raven Shield multiplayer, and so far,
we’ve actually liked it better than the earlier Rainbow Six games.


Loyd Case

Ghost Recon could’ve been the best tactical game evar if they’d have just gone the Vietcong route and limited your responsibility to your own squad. But they didn’t. Not only do they make you command several squads, but they don’t give you all the tools you need to do it with.

The other major problem, of course, is the enemy AI. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how the game ever made it out the door with that AI. Are the guys at Red Storm that friggin’ studly that they didn’t consider it too tough when they playtested the game? If they just would have toned that down to some believable level, it would have made the game sooo much better.

Man, talking about this is making my blood pressure go up, because GR was just this close to squad-level perfection…grr. :x

I agree with you when it came to single player – managing the squads was tough, and so was the AI.

However, in multiplayer, the AI seemed only adequate in most missions, and somewhat competent in others. When we played co-op in the missions, it wasn’t that tough.

Except for Defend mode in the public square in Cuba ;-)

Loyd Case