Valve announces Artifact, finally jumps into virtual collectible card gaming

With Artifact, Valve takes their Dota property into card flopping. Run, everybody! The 800-lb gorilla is entering the CCG room!

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While I’m not totally opposed to the idea of a Valve-run CCG, the Dota lore doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

One instant innovation that I can see is that it will integrate the steam market and hence be an actual trading card game (with Valve taking their cut from each transaction of course!), unlike all the others where you have grind them into some ‘dust’ equivalent to craft the actual cards you want.

DCCGs are so 2009.

I was going to be all clever and screenshot my hours played in Spectromancer, but it’s only 22 because I didn’t actually run the Steam version for almost any of my time with it.

Spectromancer was and is the best digital card game ever. Not a DCCG though, since it’s not collectible. Damn fine game, though.


Damn fine.


A few things came out about the game during a couple of interviews:

  • The board has three lanes that you can fight over. Players of Elder Scrolls Legends will recognize that mechanic.
  • There are “creeps” that are used to power card abilities, etc. They “spawn” every turn.
  • Your deck consists primarily of five heroes (like Dota) rounded out with special troops, spells, and items.

Another game to ignore at the top of the Twitch browse screen.


If the crowd reaction is anything but “Huh, that’s a really weird logo for Half-Life 3” then I am disappoint.

So you think this will delay Half-Life 3? Guys? You think?

Yeah I have no interest in this. :|

i KNEW there were good card games on steam that i was missing. every few months i search extensively and can never find anything, yet this has been here this whole time.

Thank black female Jesus! CCGs are distressingly rare in this post-Hearthstone dystopian wasteland!

I have the feeling that Valve really wanted to create a hero-themed first-person shooter to fail against Overwatch, until they realized they created the genre with TF2 and were all “Fuck it, lets fail against Hearthstone instead!”

But hey, maybe they have a unique take on the collec… hahahah, sorry. Couldn’t get through that line without cracking up.

On the bright side, we can all look forward to Steam sale daily quests rewarding cards for an actual game now. The cross-promotion opportunities are obvious. Maybe they’ll sell for more.

if this turns out to be that - a game for the collectible cards steam has for each game, then im totally interested.

I like card games, but if it’s another fucking Hearthstone clone, count me out.

Judging by Telefrog’s post, it sounds much more like they’re translating Dota into a card game. Which I’m personally still not interested in, but maybe someone else is. Actually, since it’s Valve I know a lot of people will be by default.

Even with the scant details we have, we know this isn’t the case. It’s based on Dota. It will have unique cards that have nothing to do with the “cards” you get from playing Steam games.

However, I would be surprised if Valve doesn’t leverage it by rewarding Artifact cards in Steam promotions to include giving them out in Steam sales in lieu of the useless bits and bobs they typically give away.