Valve claims Steamworks feature "Makes DRM Obsolete"

We’ve already heard about the new downloadable content support for Steam, and the matchmaking is the same we’ve seen in the PC version of Left 4 Dead, now available to publishers and developers worldwide. The most interesting new feature is Steamworks new anti-piracy technology, Customer Executable Generation, or CEG. CEG basically creates a unique copy of a game for each customer, which can then be played on any compatible PC without install limits or root kits. You buy a copy, and that is your copy, completely unique to you. A simple and elegant solution to PC game piracy that manages to benefit both publishers and the consumer at the same time.

very interesting. hopefully this isn’t just marketing speak. its encouraging to know that valve is working on different ways to improve and change the way consumers “own” downloadable games.

looks like valve won’t have to worry about key gens now, eh ILTPS?

p.s. damn you acosta. beat me by a few seconds. :)

Yes pretty cool like if people care whether their downloaded version is registered to “Hans”, “Reloaded” or “Donald Duck”.