Valve continues to dominate the viral internet - this time Mac support

In the wake of the ridiculously awesome Portal-related ARG going on, Valve recently distributed images to a variety of games web sites. No web site has received every image, but they’ve all collectively put their images together:

This is a follow-up to recent hints in the UI update beta that had Mac OS icons.


I’m going to be annoyed if this was the whole point of the Portal update yesterday.

And image #6:

Where’s that from?

(Don’t worry: Found it)


So this is Mac related…

Seems like it would be kind of a waste without a deep library of games to go with it.

On the other hand, none of them suck. Maybe this will lead to the heavily Mac-using indie scene to make games for the computers they use.

I expect at least the Orange Box games are coming along with steam. Also:

I will not be happy gaming on a Mac with Steam unless I can play my copies of “Darkest of Days” and “Bad Day LA!”

That “indie scene” comment is a very good point.

While I’m not expecting them to provide some cross-platform thing to make PC games play on the mac, I do hope they somehow let me have the Mac version of the PC games I bought through them (like the ones listed in the post above).

Unfortunately that’s probably highly unlikely just because a lot of them were ported by a third party (Aspyr does a lot of it, I think), and they’re going to want their cut.

Hey guys.

Episode 3.

Aperture Science was behind the invasion of the planet and the source of the time traveling nonsense and the G-Man is a board member.

The end.

There I just saved everyone $20.

Right, because everyone plays Half-Life for the story.

Wait… Half-Life had a story?

So they play it for the bland, linear shooter elements?

jumps out of thread

I don’t even think Bob disagrees with that assessment.

Do they sell two-button mice for Macs?

Oh shush.

The Alyx-as-1984 woman one is genius.

You can use any USB mouse on a Mac, pretty much.

I’m in. where do I sign?