Valve continues to dominate the viral internet - this time Mac support



Maybe access to a Mac port of Civ IV will prompt me to finally play it :)

Actually, Macs have been shipping with two button mice. The Mighty Mouse did it poorly, but the new Magic Mouse handles two buttons quite well.

There’s already digital download games for the Mac (including Civ 4), but I can see Steam bringing more people into it.

See, this is a mystery to me. Quite well? The Logitech mice available for the Mac, which have been around forever, handle two buttons perfectly.

Sure, Logitech mice work just like on the PC, but Macs have had a reputation, and rightfully so, of having terrible multi-button mice. The latest one just has the benefit of not sucking.

I wish they would post the higher res version that they got from Valve.

You know, between GLaDOS, ‘Still Alive’, Team Fortress 2, its various updates, the ‘Meet the Team’ videos, the TF2 blog, these pictures and whatever the hell they’ve been doing with Portal over the last day or two, Valve really are coming across as one of the (few?) genuinely fun(ny) games companies. Which is kind of odd because:

a) Half Life and Half Life 2 always struck me as being a bit po-faced, even though I love them and
b) Games companies should be fun.

Doing all of this stuff at a time when Ubi, EA and Activision seem to be hellbent on being anything but fun is just the icing on the cake. Of which there is none.

I want this so bad. I know it is impossible, but a mystical steam program that tunnels pc games would give me a boner visible from the moon!

Still, getting Valve games will be amazing! I was looking into bootcamp to play Mass Effect 2 on my Macbook, I think I will wait another week before buying Windows 7…

How many of the Mac games with multiplayer can join the same game with someone on a PC?

all of the blizzard games.

Most of Aspyr’s FPS games can. I think Empire at War is the only game I can think of that isn’t cross platform.

The question I haven’t seen anyone else ponder is this:

“Are we going to have to rebuy the games we have on PC if we want them live on OSX”

And the easy answer is “Of course.”

But how much more awesome would it be if across the board any game that is cross-platform is purchase once = available on any OS that steam supports? Can they work out the legal hassles to make that a go? Even if they can’t do it for 3rd parties will they do it with their own IP?

Better yet, how will accounts and steam achievements be handled?

Will I log into steam for the mac with the same account I log into on the pc?

Will games on the mac that have steam achievements differ in any way from the pc versions?

Best example: What would a mac version of TF2 do with someone who already has all the TF2 achievements on the pc?

Leaving aside all of the stuff about whether or not you would have to repurchase your games on Mac (and I’d be surprised if you do have to repurchase), I don’t see why there would be any question about accounts working for both the Mac and Windows Steam clients. Or any question about achievements carrying over. TF2 will be the same game, it’ll just be the actual binary and some DLLs that are different. Mac and Windows aren’t exactly chalk and cheese these days.

I can see them doing it for their own IP. I’m not too sure about 3rd parties. I mean, ID software offer the Mac/Linux binaries for their games on their FTP server so I could see them doing it as well. But it’s hard to call with some of the others.

All y’all are silly. Macs aren’t for gaming. They’re for writing painfully frank coming-of-age novels and maintaining hip, ironic blogs. From a Starbucks.

Please, give it a rest.

Porting games for mac didn’t pay well. Aspyr is on life support.

That has nothing to do with the Mac market. Aspyr was already outgrowing the Mac space around 2003-2004 and diversified onto other platforms. They also built up a large internal development studio (which did titles like Sims: Life Stories for EA, among other things). They suffered from a double whammy of soft sales which hit a lot of the smaller publishers, and a lack of work for their internal studio, resulting in sizable layoffs. I think they’ll survive, but they’re going to have to rebuild a bit.

I just want steam chat on my mac. TF2 would be pretty cool also.

Oh come on, that was pretty funny :)