Valve expects some modder will fix Half-Life: Alyx

There is a Doom thread.

kerzain expects some mod will fix the Half-Life: Alyx thread.

I thought this was a dessert thread now.

I want a maple bar.

I’m not sure this discussion is worthy of an actual Doom thread.


Well that does it. The Doom remake has been on my backlog for too long and there is a sale going on. I’m going to have to determine for myself just what kind of dessert we are all discussing here.

Also great on ice cream? Brandied cherries. Fuhhhhhmazing.

Easy to make, too. You just submerge pitted cherries in 1:2 simple syrup:brandy mixture with a bit of vanilla and a squeeze of lemon.

That sounds like the classic old school FPS of dessert toppings.

I think of it more as an evolution of the classic maraschino cherry.

Maraschino cherries are an abomination. You heard me.


I don’t want to insult you nerds that are playing this with some weird headset and VR (I can’t even believe I know what that means) but … might there be an easy way to play this “game” (or is it some freakin’ show?) with a regular mouse and kb?

Did I miss some conversation above related to this? Sigh fine I am sure someone will tell me to look up.

No kb/mouse support yet. It’s VR-only for now.

Implementing keyboard and mouse would be only the first step. Someone would have to redesign the AI, the combat encounters, the puzzles, the weapons reload, the interaction with the environment like searching in crates or opening doors, do a new system for the grabbity gloves, etc

I watched parts of a play through, and I know I don’t like to experience horror in VR, it is just too much for me. I was disgusted by head crabs from the beginning, I don’t need that in my life. However, I like the Half Life world building, so a bit sad not to play it. But then 1000€ for the Steam VR + a new PC, so we are talking 2000€ entry point here? I wish I had a friend who had it ;)

You can get a Quest and link cable for half that

don’t you need a PC that can handle the VR load even with a Quest + link cable?

Which I guess is fine for an entry. But if you are going to spend 500 for something like that, spending 1000 usually makes more sense, and you get something better that will last longer - in the end saving money as you might want to upgrade anyway. You’ll have to save up longer, though…

I’d hope for a used/refurbished Index somewhere, but that’s a faint hope at this moment I figure.

Yes. VR has much higher requirements due to needing a higher resolution (though which resolution exactly depends on your headset) and needs a much higher FPS than 60 (again, afaik depending on the headset).

Basically, if your PC can handle a game without any problems on monitor, you should be okay with VR. But if you just barely fulfill the game’s minimal requirements, it’s gonna be a problem.

Well, if you are counting the 1000€ for a new pc every time you consider to buy a newly released game, I guess the average game price for you is 1050€!

I have a nvidia 960 and can run current games fine. So I would need a 1080ti, maybe a new processor and the quest. And I don’t see other PC games that need that much investment currently.

Well, yeah, if you aren’t interested in other AAA games… otherwise, you will have problems moving demanding games like Doom Eternal, Kingdom Come, or Cyberpunk when it’s released, and basically any AAA games to be released from 2020 onwards. My point is, this isn’t particularly specific to HL Alyx, but it applies to any big new game.