Valve expects some modder will fix Half-Life: Alyx

I wouldn’t say I’m irked. I think my problem is that I’m attempting a conversation with someone too insistent on proving some point. :)

But you’re more than welcome to call Doom Eternal whatever you like. You can even call it a dessert topping if you like!


Insistent on proving a point? In a discussion?! With arguments, even?!
Well, you really got me there. I don’t see the purpose of a discussion without trying to get results out of it.

But hey, it’s okay. I’m used to people bowing out of discussions once they run out of arguments or just tire of it (both of which is fine, btw.).

I just might! Might even leave out an s to confuse people.

“DOOM: Eternal is the balsamic & strawberries of ice cream toppings. Unexpectedly tart and delicious!”
- Tom Chick

You’re going to send me into a grocery store with that kind of talk.

So… has anyone here tried out Alyx? Is it any good?

I don’t have a VR headset so it’s not for me and, to be honest, I never really did get the whole “Half Life is amazing” thing. Was just another shooter for me with annoying cutscenes you couldn’t skip because they took place during the actual game. Blasphemy, I know. ;-)

I’m also pretty sure that everyone who loved the first Half Life never finished it. :-P

Still curious to know if this new Valve release is any good.

This is every single shooter released since Half-life. You could often “skip” the cutscenes just by walking by and continuing on your way. I don’t recall one ever that interrupted the game flow, except the initial tram ride, which was a gimmick that totally worked at the time.

The other thread has more actual impressions of the game.

Doom Eternal’s movement is not that far removed from Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 which included a similar mechanic for double shifting in various directions. The only thing that was missing was a ledge grab.

I’m really kind of mindblown that @tomchick and @Telefrog think these things are so far apart as to not be comparable. You must not be playing the same games I am. The way a “level” unfolds in Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal matches up quite nicely with the original games. The only true difference is the one @TheSHEEEP points out… you gain your ammo and health in a new way that augments standard pickups left on the ground. Even the exploration is very similar for finding secrets once encounters have been successfully completed with the enemies.

I’ll also say that Skyrim is indeed an evolution of the Elder Scrolls Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind… all classic RPGs.

There are tons of them in HL2 anyway where you are trapped in a room while Alyx or her dad talk to you.

Of course they’re comparable. You can compare anything you like. Apples to oranges, for instance, or apples to airships, or apples to aliens. Doom to dessert toppings. Have at it. What we’re saying is that calling Doom Eternal an “old-school classic FPS” is missing the point of both Doom Eternal and old-school classic FPSs.

Well, sure. But why wouldn’t you say Doom is an evolution of “old-school classic FPSs”? Because calling something an evolution of X isn’t the same as equating it with X.


There is a Doom thread.

kerzain expects some mod will fix the Half-Life: Alyx thread.

I thought this was a dessert thread now.

I want a maple bar.

I’m not sure this discussion is worthy of an actual Doom thread.


Well that does it. The Doom remake has been on my backlog for too long and there is a sale going on. I’m going to have to determine for myself just what kind of dessert we are all discussing here.

Also great on ice cream? Brandied cherries. Fuhhhhhmazing.

Easy to make, too. You just submerge pitted cherries in 1:2 simple syrup:brandy mixture with a bit of vanilla and a squeeze of lemon.

That sounds like the classic old school FPS of dessert toppings.

I think of it more as an evolution of the classic maraschino cherry.

Maraschino cherries are an abomination. You heard me.


I don’t want to insult you nerds that are playing this with some weird headset and VR (I can’t even believe I know what that means) but … might there be an easy way to play this “game” (or is it some freakin’ show?) with a regular mouse and kb?

Did I miss some conversation above related to this? Sigh fine I am sure someone will tell me to look up.