Valve has a plan for review-bombing on Steam

There’s nothing like seeing pitchforks and torches held aloft while a mob clicks a thumbs down button.

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Wow, I like this a lot!

Dig it.

This is very clever. It offers a solution to the problem without Valve needing to hire anyone or get their hands dirty in internet troll wars. And as an added bonus, this should help show when a game got bad reviews in early access or on release but was improved later.

I mean I guess overall it’s a good thing, but honestly I don’t know if I see myself digging through historical info trying to assign context to user reviews on a prospective purchase.

Here’s how the histogram looks for Firewatch:

That’s neat. I like the graphical representation better overall. Someone over there is smart with BI.

What happened with Firewatch?

Catch up here and scroll down to recent discussion.

I’m like 60 posts behind in that thread, I just can’t bring myself to care about YouTube celebrities.

And the posts I did go over I more or less skimmed.

Dear Valve, I have your solution right here…

user review code

Problem solved.

You can see the massive negative spike every Paradox game got in June this year.

Data is an amazing thing isn’t it? Too bad the federal government has decided to ignore it for so many things the data already has proven.

3 sentence summary: Pewdiepie unleashed the N word on a stream. Campo Santo made him delete all Firewatch videos with a DMCA claim. Enraged gamers review bombed Firewatch.

Thanks for the tldr summary!

What happened with Paradox?


My memory is hazy on this, but from what I recall, they raised prices on their games right before the Steam Sale.

Raised prices in some select countries that had really low prices already (brazil, russia, etc.). With the massive backlash Paradox reversed the decision a couple of weeks later, and anyone who bought a game from these countries at the higher price got some free games as compensation, not sure what they were.

Back to the main topic, what if a patch breaks a game and that is what causes a large spike in negative reviews? It still doesn’t seem foolproof until you filter reviews for that spike and read some, but then you could have done that anyway before this histogram.

I heard from other sources that CS asked that he remove their videos, Doofus complied, and CS made a DMCA claim anyway to “punish” him and make it more likely his Youtube channel will get removed, by adding a “strike.”

They really should just pay an intern to summarize each review bombing controversy, with a single click to exclude them all. Or maybe make it a global setting.

If the issue they’re interested in is potential customers that just look at the percentage score getting misled I don’t see how burying a graph down a scrollbar and button click is going to make any difference. Most people who got down that far on the page are going to read a few reviews to see what’s up. At minimum the game being in a period of unusual review results needs to be indicated with some marker next to the rating that links directly to the graph for it to have any chance at all of being noticed by the target audience.