Valve's definition of Coming Soon

Yeeeahh… we believe you… suuuuurrre.

Sooo… when is TFC2 coming out?

They may take forever to actually release anything, but at least they consistently take forever.

I’d say 2010 at the earliest.

I still feel like a real chump, getting the gold version and expecting to be able to play DoD soon after purchase. Once bitten, twice shy.

It did a few weeks ago except its called Battlefield 2 now. :)

As a player of TF since the Quake World days, the Battlefield series reminds me nothing of Team Fortress.

I’m kind of surprised they didn’t release TF2 as a free add-on for Half-Life 2 like they did for Half-Life 1 (TFC)… I’d say HL2 in mods is pretty disappointing so far:

Half-Life had bundled:
Regular deathmatch
Classic deathmatch (ala Quake)
Team Fortress Classic

Half-Life 2 had bundled:
Regular deathmatch (only after the fans bitched for months)

Notice how that last list is a bit short? Oh yeah, and I too paid for DoD Source and was expecting to see that soon. By the way, I didn’t count Half-Life Source (or Opposing Force CTF) because it’s the same exact game with better looking water.

How long did it take Half-Life to be bundled with all that stuff though? It had nothing originally, they were on like the fourth Game of the Year edition before it had all that jazz. It may still be argued that overall, the content is still coming slower for HL2, but it’s silly to compare the mods available at the end of Half-Life’s life with what HL2 has now.

Yep. The comparison is pretty unfair. In fact, many of those mods took a couple of years or more before they were really playable. Give it time.

Anyone have the list of things that were concieved, announced, developed and delivered since Duke Nukem Forever was first announced?

Yeah, that’s one really insane comparison you’ve made their Igor. What are you trying to say? That games that are successful and available for two or three years end up having a lot of cool mods? Ok, we agree. Half-Life 2 hasn’t even been out a year yet.

Heck, online play was so bad in the original Half-Life out of the box I don’t think anyone ever expected people would be playing it as much as seven years later.


Bundled? On release? Uhh, yeah sure bud. HL1 had only regular/team DM on release. The only reason I played it for more than a week was I was in a “clan”. TFC came out months later. Classic DM (which just made me want to fire up quakeworld/TF) came out much later. Counter Strike hit beta 1 mid 99, at least 7-8 months after half-life’s release (and I don’t think it got really enjoyable or well known until beta 3-6). Good mods take time, yeah DoD source should been out by now, but thats valve’s issue because they’re making the mod themselves and selling it. HL2 hasn’t been out for a year yet, give mods time.

I sympathize with folks who bought the package deals, I thought they were nuts myself but hey, live n learn suckers. I’ll pay for it when valve releases it, not before. After the whole TF2 fiasco, no way I’d trust them, then the release date/code steal delay/steam issues were just icing on the cake.

What I listed were all of the things you get after buying the Half-Life or Half-Life 2 CDs at your retail store. When I bought Half-Life GOTY it came with Counter-Strike and TFC, and that was already more than what I got when I bought Half-Life 2 (only CS:S, yes before HL2DM).

Naturally, if Valve makes some free mods for us like TFSource, Ricochet Source, etc, then I’ll take this all back.

You’re still just whizzing past the point that when you bought Half-Life GOTY edition, it had already been out for like a decade* or something. There shouldn’t be any “if Valve makes more, I’ll take it back…” crap, because it’s not a valid thing to say in the first place. Back when people bought Half-Life around the time of its initial release, for multiplayer they got: Half-Life (the basic deathmatch stuff). If you bought the most basic version of Half-Life 2, you got: Counter-Strike. Seems pretty fair.

Let me just emphasize the absurdity of your argument.

You can’t have it both ways pal. You can’t complain about the time that Half-Life 2 only came witn Counter-Strike and not Half-Life 2 Deathmatch without also acknowledging that there was a time when Half-Life 1 only came with deathmatch, and there was no TFC or Counter-Strike.

But not when I bought it. When I bought it, it was feature-filled with several mods attached. When I bought Half-Life 2, there was a weak HL “Source” and a CS:Source (which was a weak CS). So to me, as a buyer, I got more bang from my buck when I bought Half-Life. If I bought Half-Life 2 (years later) when they have released some mods (although it looks highly unlikely they’ll be releasing them for free) then maybe I wouldn’t be saying this.

Well that’s just dumb.

Same time as DNF… hahaaaahhhhhhhhahhahhahahahhaha


I have to agree completely. Also, to be fair, don’t ever refer to it as TFC2. Team Fortress Classic was a big pile of shit compared to Team Fortress. IT should be TF2 at least.

I never played the original TF, but Battlefield 2 (or the first Battlefield for that matter) certainly sound like they do most of what was talked about for TF2.