Valve's new controller has no sticks

Title Valve's new controller has no sticks
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 27, 2013

Get a good, long look at Valve's newly announced Steam Controller..

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That is not a controller. That is a retro-futuristic boombox, and I must have one.

I can see trackpads working better than analog sticks, though I'd have to see for myself. But they are an unholy pain in comparison to an actual mouse.

Hm. This doesn't look anything like what I thought Half-Life 3 would look like.

I think it's really neat that Valve is openly encouraging developers to play around with it! Hopefully it leads to additional versions of the controller with extra features or a different layout created by the community.

I'm uneasy about that thing. It looks like it's looking at me.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Laptop trackpads always feel awkward to me, but I think it might make a big difference doing it with my thumbs instead of with my fingers.

Something new is good at least. Can't be a worse replacement for keyboard\mouse than analogue sticks at least.

I'll just leave my computer plugged into the tv. Thanks though Valve.

erm... ok?