Vampire Bloodlines Modding

Anyone try the Clan Quest mod for Bloodlines? I downloaded it the other day and was having a hard time choosing between the various options in the installer. I ended up going with the Camarilla Edition option and not touching anything else in the installer (IE no extra Custom Skins, or Arsenal). Not sure if this was the “best” thing to do, but the Camarilla Edition sounded pretty extensive and a good pair with the extra clan quests.

I hope that Steam has some discounts on Bloodlines during either their Thanksgiving or Christmas sales because $20 seems a little steep for such an old and unpopular game.

Wait, what?
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  1. Use latest WESP patch (7.2 at this time?) over at Patches Scrolls. Install, choose plus option, play.

  2. Game is $20 everywhere because, with the patch, it’s still worth it and people still buy it for that price. D2D has kicked it down to $10 occasionally.

Clan Quest is a true gameplay mod, not “just” a fan patch. There’s also the Companion Mod, which allows you to recruit a posse of followers that fight alongside you.

Clan Quest 2.0 comes with 6.9 of the unofficial patch. Is there significant reason to use the latest unofficial patch on its own instead?