Vampire Survivors - How did no one think of this before?

After playing so many other flavors of survivor-likes, I’d forgotten how bloody hard this game is. After 8 or 10 runs, I managed to survive to the 20-minute mark once. The only weapon I’ve managed to evolve is the whip (twice). I do have the duplicator unlocked now, which is helpful.

I am playing with Porta so much better than Antonio as she starts with Lightening. Was worth purchasing her.

Two other questions:
Sometimes a treasure chest will show three items. I do not see a way to choose one over the other. Not sure why it shows three items if you cannot choose one (unless you get all three items).

Does anyone know how to pause the game on an Xbox controller? I know I can hit esc but sometimes I am leaning away from the keyboard when real life interupts.

If a treasure has three items, or occasionally even five, then you get all those items. No choice involved.

Button with the 3 lines

That is on the razer xbox controller, so positioned further up, but I think it is the same symbol. I guess I need to dust it off when I don’t use it for a few weeks. Geesh

Thanks, @vyshka !

I think I hit every button but that one!

Wow you can get 5 items? I do not think I have run into that yet.

I think 5 is the max. At least that’s the most I’ve seen.

I don’t think it’s a thing until a bit into the game, there’s quite the fanfare when it happens.

Also, luck makes a treasure chest with more items more likely.

Edit: I can’t spell

You REALLY want to all three levels of luck.


I finished that run at level 98 with four evolved weapons (whip, axe, magic wand, and pentagram(. Hadn’t made it to 40 before that

Four levels of luck turns the screen right side up!

Heads up, new DLC coming TOMORROW


I fired it up for the first time in about a month last night, and played a character I don’t ever remember unlocking. It is great that they are adding more content.

I take it Seals are the end-game money sink?

I’ve unlocked everything else. Queen Sigma is far and away the best and crushes every level.

Mt. Moonspell at the 5 minute marker is pretty hard for regular non-OP characters. Not a lot of time to prepare and so easy to take damage and die. I hope they release more static non-infinite maps.

Wait, is this paid DLC or just a patch?

It’s free.

Not sure what happened, but when I fired up the game this morning after the patch, I felt like I had about 20 unlocks satisfied that I needed prior to the patch. I’ve only got like 5 left now.


Got my first kill on death today. Fun times!

I’d put a good dozen hours into the game before I realized all the gold wasn’t just to unlock characters and the power ups button wasn’t just a list of unlocks I’d achieved through evolving weapons. It’s amazing how much easier it got after that, lol.