Vampire Survivors - How did no one think of this before?

I liked the demo of Yet Another Zombie Survivors. It’s got the dumbest name and it looks like ass, but it done hooked me.

I also think it’s kinda cute that you’re building a party instead of just collecting items.

(I should add the demo is still up, I just don’t know how to link to it)

I’ve played all of these other than Repetendium and enjoyed them all. Great bundle if you’re into this genre.

I enjoy Boneraiser Minions:

It’s got way more dick jokes than VS.

This is one of the best deals ever if you like Vampire Survivors. @jpinard Just get this for you VS-like addiction.

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I didn’t know the history here. Weird.

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Best info I can find…

I got the Humble bundle but already have two of them. Who would like to have them? Let me know so I can gift you :)

Rogue : Genesia
Boneraiser Minions

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I can also recommend GunSuit Guardians that just released into EA today. It’s got an introductory 25% off - although it’s only $2.99 to start. I guess I’m not worried that so many of these are early access (I also just picked up the bundle!), I can take rotate between them as they get updates. I’ve still got unlocks to go in VS (and I’ll almost certainly be down for the DLC so they’ve got my vote of confidence).

Oh, it’s by the Dungeon Deathball guy!

I’m confused. the person doing the tweet complaining, is according to that forum thread the person that was paid to create the art from scratch according to poncle. I haven’t finished forum thread. Does Barrett show up in there and say that is a lie?

I guess maybe he isn’t saying they were ripped off, just that he hates them and then in combination with the forum thread about them stealing the art made me think he was making that accusation as well.

Here’s a short article that does a better job summing this up, from last year.

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Vampire Survivors won Best Game at the BAFTA Awards, beating out God of War and Elden Ring, among others.


Wow, it’s Jethro Tull beating Metallica for best metal album all over again (I love Jethro Tull and think that story is hilarious).

I asked for more details and got laughed at for not knowing the history. 🤷🏻‍♂️

See the replies to his tweet

In the forum thread they link this as the original project that commissioned the sprites:

So while it’s original art it’s not so surprising that they remind people of Castlevania since that was clearly the intention of the artist (which is listed as Christopher Barrett)

I assume they were later bundled/sold as part of an asset pack.

In case you weren’t refreshing the page this morning to get the new Vampire Survivors DLC - there’s also full fancy animation in the trailer, which I would have thought “why are they wasting money on that when they could be putting it in the game” but then there’s the full fat feature list so I can’t really complain:

  • 8 new characters
  • 13 new weapons
  • 1 large stage
  • 7 music tracks
  • 21 cheavos

It’s a “huge” $1.79 USD (10% launch discount) - but there’s a bundle with the other DLC that has an extra 15% off (I boughtened this one right away, it worked out to $1.51), and a bundle with the OST and DLC that’s 20% off instead.

Some powerful new weapons and characters in this DLC. I think the starting character is pretty OP as it’s base weapon evolution is guaranteed. Then you can acquire two more weapons after the evolution as the 3 slots are combined to 1.

The new map, which is a static feature map with boundaries like the previous DLC…is less interesting and kind of a pain to navigate. There’s a linear route or a literal maze. Also I actually got stuck in a thicket of trees and couldn’t escape.

Totally busted Santa Water only run using Limit Break and Wicked Season card.

By the end the entire screen is just permanently covered in Santa Water. It’s like the floor is lava for the minions.

Good job! I am new to the game but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I didn’t do a single weapon since I also wanted to unlock the 31 minute Forest achievement so I took the laurel and lancet on my way to 100k enemies with Sigma achievement but I only managed 86k enemies. I did everything I could to up the curse including starting with Mad Season, and all the curse artifacts.

Single weapon + Limit Break + Wicked Season (start/optional) runs are end-game and just for the fun / challenge.

If successfully you get to see just how powerful you can scale up one weapon to destroy everything.