Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines II

Lol and I love how you daze enemies with your backflip dance.

This does look a little rough, but the person playing it is clearly struggling to use the controller. It reminds me of that Doom preview video from a few years back, where the person controlling it seemed to only be able to use one stick at a time. Painful to watch :D

It just doesn’t work for me. I’dve liked to see them
tackle the problems of vampire stories in always on social media world, not just lurking in forever 90s alleys.

Vampire Bloodlines was interesting because it was contemporary, it tried to fit Vampire nonsense into the then modern world, and without which just seems less interesting.

There’s all sorts of modern settings that could be interesting - the Expensive Boutique Electronica store, the 20 story indoor hotel that’s full of gaudy neuvo rich fashion, the endless cookie cutter homes of a modern suburbia, the banality of an all you can eat cruise ship, the IT company that dominates the skyline.

Instead it’s pipes and sewers and dark alleys.

Better combat here?

Not a game, but have you seen “What We Do In The Shadows” from Jermaine Clement? It’s now a TV show based on a movie, but the premise is precisely what you’re looking for: vampire nonsense in the modern world.

Funny stuff.

I’ll second that.

Atmosphere-wise it looks on point. Dialogue stuff as well. As long as they bring their A game with quest design, this will be a worthy sequel. Next year will be bonkers.

I thought the dialogue was pretty bad myself. The three characters they showed weren’t really interesting to me. They had nothing to say about the world or their opinions on the various factions or characters. Maybe they stripped them down to prevent spoilers, but even the dialogue options they did show weren’t very creatively written to me. I did think the voice actors were pretty good though, and I did dig the atmosphere. It’s also weird to see janky stuff from the first game brought back as if it was a feature.

If you’re planning to go to Berlin in 4 weeks to play Bloodlines 2 at the PDXCon you are out of luck:

Paradox has announced Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 will not be playable at PDXCON as originally expected

"however, Paradox is making it up to attendees.

Everyone who attends the event will be given not only a first look at Bloodlines 2 content never before shown in public, but also a free Steam code for the game. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the game’s creators including Brian Mitsoda."

Found at VG247, but similar pieces were posted all over the interweb.

I had Bloodlines 1 installed for a couple of years, but never played more than 30 minutes. I was impressed by the facial animations for such an old game tho. Like MASS Effect Andromeda but better (or actually good).

You should really resolve that with the Unofficial Plus patch installed. Everyone should at least play it until they’ve finished the Ocean House Hotel mission.

Same here. I’ve tried several times, usually with the latest patch installed (which was always different every single time I tried). But I never get past the initial starting area. They don’t have a big hook right at the start. I personally don’t like Vampire fiction in any way, with the possible exception of Interview with a Vampire, so that’s the other factor with me.

As a result, it’s one of the big glaring classics that sits in my backlog, along with Baldur’s Gate 2.

It’s one of those games you really have to push yourself to play until it clicks, at least it was for me. I bounced off of it a number of times before it stuck.

Huh. I remember falling into it like a rabbit hole, or in love.

Same here.

If you want a bit more of a hook, I find Malkavians a bit more interesting. Everything is about warped, and it’s fully of veiled reference that you only get after the fact, or if you have played the game before.

Yeah, for me the hook was that it was basically Deus Ex with vampires. That and several seasons of Buffy was more than enough to pull me in.

Delayed x months