Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Chanses are slim that all you people who love the PnP Vampire will love this one. That’s not saying it won’t be a good game, but some posters here bring all to may little details (that really only matter in the PnP) to the table, and you people will be hard to please. Understand that the game will not give you a super dynamic world to do whatever in (like in PnP). There will be a story that in so many ways forces some actions out of the player. The freedom within those actions is what Troika is striving for, but understand that difference.

And also, Activision is looking for a game they can sell, so I’m sure they are looking for a more mass market appeal.

Mass market doesn’t equal freeform? GTA3, The Sims and Morrowind are all pretty freeform and they seem to be making money.



In speaking of “shitty, buggy, but beloved games and gigantic Mods for them”

RPS’ take:

I really, really hope this will be the atmospheric, well written sequel to our favourite game…