Vampyr - From the Remember Me devs


Cadogan Bates, a minor NPC from Whitechapel, is dead. And I have no idea how.



You were given a quest to find him and you went to sleep didn’t you?

I’ve noticed some quests are affected by the passage of time. (where you go to level up and progress into the next day).


He may have died during the intro prologue where I had no idea WTF I was doing – I think he was being attacked and I was supposed to save him. Either way - shitty game design.

Edit - no, you’re mostly right. Right after the prologue, around level 5 I was exploring the area around the Hospital and zoned into another building, where I received the quest to save Cadogan Bates. However vampire sight told me I was surrounded by level 13 enemies, so I left.

So… poor game design.


Yeah I was level 9 when I got over to him , it was far harder saving him being so under-leveled, than I expected. :)

I haven’t had time to get back to this yet, but I can’t wait for that sweet XP pool I’ll have when I do choose my first character to bite.


Damn is chapter 2 just fantastic. I am only level 10, but have a ton of XP to spend once I get to bed. :p


Finished it after about 37 hours. Excellent game. I was level 28 at the end without killing anyone, and it was certainly a challenge. Street enemies were level 32-35, and a group of 35s of the right type could be a big challenge.

I was reluctant to rest at times because I didn’t want everyone to get sick again and then I’d have to run all over the city and cure them, which was a pita. I also didn’t want the enemies to respawn. But when I rested in Chapter 6 it didn’t seem to matter – no one got sick that night and the enemies were respawning on their own, anyway. Something they didn’t do at least up to Chapter 4.

The plot was good with a lot of options and hard decisions at key points. I’m sad that I made what turned out to be the wrong choice with one of the Pillars and the district went to shit, but at least it didn’t go all the way to chaos.

I missed about 1/4 of the NPC hints in the game and there were plenty of locked doors I never opened, which is frustrating. I’m assuming I would have had to kill NPCs to gain access to those hints and doors.

Certainly the best Vampire game since Bloodlines. Bloodlines is tough to play by today’s standards, though, even with the community patch. It’s a bit long in the tooth.


Is there a way to mark people so you can find them easier? Ie, by putting a waypoint on them. The residents in Whitechapel are spread out much more than the ones in Pembroke Hospital and since I’m relatively new to the area I’m having trouble locating some of them, and vampire sense has rather limited range.

Excellent game so far otherwise, I’m especially enjoying the combat - at level 6 I took on some level 18 enemies and prevailed, and it was exhilarating. I can’t remember the last action rpg that made me use tactics as much as this game. Now that I’m level 10 it’s getting a little easier though, probably because I pumped stamina as much as I could.

Are any of the early game weapons worth upgrading? Right now my go-to weapon is barbed club which does stun damage on every hit, but I also like the Hacksaw + Priwen stick combination - the latter does massive stun damage, but the Barbed Club still edges it out because it does stun and regular damage at the same time.


Worst. Vampire. Ever.



That’s super impressive! I tried to do the same but I felt too underpowered for the boss fights. Couldn’t resist taking out a few NPC’s for that sweet, sweet XP.


I title this game “Remembrances of Games Past”.

There’s a reason barely a couple weeks after release they’re coming out with a free Life is Strange episode that has already pushed Vampyr off the top of the feed.

I like it somewhat but it does feel a slog. As far as combat goes, stun/feed seems the best system since you’re invincible while the feeding animation is going, at least, as far as i can tell, and then you get a constant blood supply for heals or other powers.


No, and it gets worse as the game progresses. The worst ones are when you save someone and you’re not sure where they’re going to appear in the district. Or when.

Yes, I used the barbed club through the first half of the game and upgraded it as far as I could. The higher quality components are gated by chapter, I think, but eventually you’ll find enough to fully upgrade five or six weapons. Upgrading to level four requires three of a blue component, and then upgrading to level five requires six of the same component.


Game looks so good especially near the docks, I seem to be always 1 level below people I am fighting, the downside of not killing anyone of consequence yet.

I was tempted to kill Clay Cox awhile ago, I had even mentioned my desire to level up earlier, but he has grown on me and so has been granted life for now. But Cadogan Bates seems like such a asshole that the temptation to end my no kill spree is waning.


You gotta feed the geese to keep the blood flowing


Levels don’t mean all that much in Vampyr. As I mentioned upthread, I took down level 18 enemies at level 6 and it wasn’t too hard. Now that I’m level 14 I feel like a god. So far the highest level target I took down was 24 and it was very easy.

^Me while playing Vampyr yesterday. Seems like everyone is an asshole in this game lol. If/when I do a second playthrough I definitely won’t go the pacifist route again.

On a side note, much like @Belisarius I also fucked up with one of the Pillars of the community. The game reminds me of W3 in that regard, unfortunately not in a good way - seemingly small events can have very drastic consequences. On one hand it’s realistic and even welcome to deal with such outcomes in a game that doesn’t have any way to Quick Load, on the other I wish that these decisons were a little more transparent.


I thought I did, too. So in the next town, I went the compassionate route on the pillar npc… and it still had a negative consequence. I have no clue what the “correct” choice would have been, if there is one.


If it’s East End you’re talking about, the best option is making him drink your blood to quench his hunger. You have to work a bit to unlock that option though.


That’s interesting. I don’t recall if I had that option.


Yeah I looked that one up after learning my lesson with Dorothy. Still, I really dig this no-load system. Best way to actually roleplay and roll with the punches.


This one is fairer than Dorothy though. You don’t have any context to understand what the charm option can do in the Whitechapel choice, but thourough investigation will give you the justification for the choice in East End, and unlike Dorothy, trusting someone who’s dining on human flesh as opposed to operating a free clinic feels super dicey. The rest is also similarly fair.

It’s a shame Whitechapel taints the rest of the choices.


The scalpel seems like one of the best weapons I’ve tried so far - I think I have it at rank 4 and it draws 25 blood per hit, which is fantastic if you like to cast Shadow Mist or other abilities often. I’ve completely stopped using stun weapons and even specced out of all bite perks I had (hunger mainly) because I stopped using it. I don’t know what to do with the Hacksaw though - extra blood drain per hit is very nice but having some more damage could also be useful.