Vampyr - From the Remember Me devs


60 unique citizens! D:


I’m gonna go through them like a hot vampire through… people.


“A few other details given include that Vampyr is a AA-game, so it’s not as large as a AAA-game, but the independence allows room for potentially more creativity and freedom from the developers.”


If by AA they mean something like Hellblade, then hell yeah.


Yeah, that’s a good point. Just thought it was interesting.


While I expect more Remember Me instead of Life is Strange, the latter has earned from me more or less preorders from here to eternity.


I really wish they’d been able to release for the 3-day weekend.


Yet… 4 more days to wait.


Package just arrived with PC version of Vampyr in it. Apparently it will unlock here at midnight, shame. Friend of mine who reviews games for a local game site already finished it and said he is satisfied with the game. Didn’t say more because of the embargo. But I think I will like it :)


I will try to stream this tonight when I get home.

I won’t say more than this until then, but… I was wrong.


Tom says your wrong all the time @Jason_McMaster. ;)

Developers have a AMA going on Reddit.


He’s wrong about me being wrong. Typical Tom.

However, this game took me by complete surprise.


I’ve maintained my hype for a year now. :)

Gonna be a great week/weekend between playing this and Martyr.


Watching the hero suckle on some sweaty hobo dude’s neck turned me completely off this game.

No idea if the rest of the game can make up for that.

Somebody bring in the sparkle-magic vampires that leech life from ten feet away or something.


I’m weirdly ambivalent about games like this… instead of scarfing them down i like to enjoy them at the right time. I think Amazon isn’t going to delivery until Tuesday but i might not play until much later. I’m pretty excited for another DONTNOD game but otoh don’t want to build it up too high.


Welp - I decided to impulse buy this after seeing that Bestbuy is offering a $10 giftcard with the purchase, which brings the game down to $38 for those of you who have GCU. Hope it surprises! I know nothing about this game except for a quick 10min preview that I watched yesterday night.


Spoilers - it’s about vampires.

I know! I’m sorry. That plot point was skillfully hidden away in the title. Truly I am the monster.




Might have to watch your stream then because this game just doesn’t sound interesting. I’d like to support these guys though. I like what they do generally speaking.


I definitively think it sounds interesting, on paper, but every time I watch gameplay I’m sort of “meh” on it. I’m hoping to catch some reviews and see how folks are taking to it as a whole.


I’m just not really a vampire guy, is all. If it were anything else I’d probably be a bit more into it. But like I said, I like Dontnod, so I’m open to being convinced.