Van Buren tech demo

The source code for the cancelled Fallout 3 is online! They warn that it’s Alpha code (or pre-Alpha) but I’m sure many people here would like to check it out.

(I think this is legit, if it’s not kosher to post this I apologize)

I don’t know about the legitimacy of linking to that kind of content, but I’m fairly sure linking to NMA violates forum community standards.

Is it source or binary?

It’s the binary. I’d guess all the VB assets would have passed to Bethsoft, who would nuke NMA from orbit if they released the source. I imagine it’s a bit naughty of NMA to release the binary of the tech demo too, but there isn’t a lot of harm to be done by it, and it keeps the peasants happy while we wait for F3 proper.

  • Alan

FilePlanet link - unless they’re not welcome here either

That’s the link I used, because you only have to wait like 17 seconds instead of half an hour. I’ll be playing this tonight, thanks for the heads up.

There isn’t enough content in it to play it “tonight.” You can maybe play it “for a couple minutes.”

You forgot the huge arm-waving air-quotes around the word “playing”.

Fonts corrupted for anyone else in this demo?

There’s a reasonable amount, for what it is, if you believe NMA’s walkthrough. But I hit a bug where it wouldn’t let me enter the vault, which is pretty important, so I quit after about ten minutes.